Northumberland vs Canada: spot the difference, say marketeers

Not so long ago, a Spanish tourism board attempted to fool consumers with smoke and mirrors, by publishing a photo of the Bahamas and labelling it as the Costa Brava. Their sleight of hand was exposed and everyone involved was loudly tutted at for their antics.

Image by fipsy on Flickr. Some rights reserved. Now, a tourism board in Canada has attempted the same trick, this time using a beach in the North East of England. Yes, despite the fact that Alberta is land-locked, somebody thought it'd make sense to use footage of kids running through sand dunes with the North Sea in the background. Um.

The video was used as part of a re-branding initiative by Alberta's public affairs bureau. And to be fair, it does take a certain strain of initiative to rebrand a Canadian province nearly 1,000 miles from the sea, as a coastal resort.

The image originated in Beadnell Bay, Northumberland. Their marketing team said "the exposure was testament to the natural beauty of the area and has come at a time when the region is working to continue the holiday industry's recent boom."

Unless it turns out that the photos of Northumberland were taken in Switzerland. Somebody better go and check.



  • Anna
    Where is the link to the article please?
  • badmans
    This blog would be much better if only Vince posted. Still, even if it does belong somewhere else, funny story. I'm glad its not just British governments that are so stupid its difficult to believe.

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