Nobody waiting for new futuristic Routemaster buses

Retrofuturistic design occurs when the past's vision of the future influences the present - a self-fulfilling prophecy of sorts. So it wouldn't surprise us if London mayor Boris Johnson stumbled upon some 1940s depiction of the capital, complete with airships and flying cars, and lifted from it the futuristic design of the new Routemaster buses:

Bitterwallet - new Routemaster buses

Five of them will swoosh onto the streets of London next year at a cost of £7.8 million - although if more are produced, the initial design and development costs will be offset.

However, according to a consultation by Transport for London, new Routemaster buses are the lowest priority for Londoners, who would actually like to use their Oyster card on National Rail services, and a more reliable Underground network. Not. Gonna. Happen.

[The London Daily News]


  • Nobby
    I'd prefer to see all prams, wheelchairs, cycles, cars, vans and buses etc banned. The only wheeled form of transport should be the skateboard. Obviously hovverboards only from 2020.
  • Jizzlingtons
    What do these buses do that other ones don't? Other than push up the already insanely high cost to use public transport?
  • Mark
    Aw, I dunno, I'm rather looking forward to them, if only because they will make London look a bit more like a 'London of the Future' poster from the Festival of Britain. Can we have Skylon back too?
  • Mike H.
    How about, you London types, take your Routemasters, your iPhones, your oyster cards, your mayor and ram them up your tightly sealed arses!
  • NellieIrrelevant
    Oyster cards on National Rail? Be careful what you wish for. I travel into London off peak frequently and get an all day Travelcard for £6.30. When my local station started taking Oystercards I thought, whoopee, no more queuing at machines, I'll use my Oystercard instead. The same journey into Central London and back - still off peak - cost me £22.50. If these new buses replace those hideous bendy deathtraps I'll vote for Boris for the rest of my life. As for reliable tubes - someone ask Gordon Brown about his wonderful PFI arrangements. Not only do we have a shit service, we'll be paying a fortune for it in a few years, while he's off having big lunches and charging them to the IMF.
  • Klingelton
    don't have these problems on the leeds underground...
  • The B.
    How about Boris does something about the £500,000,000 per year spent subsidising London buses? You could start by not letting kids travel for free. And Mike, we'll shove them up our orifices if we can stop subsidising the rest of the country with our taxes and actually spend some on ourselves for a change.
  • wubfur
    Great news! The long overdue return of the Routemaster - and a shiny new one at that. The Routemaster is perfect for London's busy streets.
  • RTB
    Yeah, these new Routemasters are SO green - built in Canada and then freighted over to the UK when factories in the UK are desperate for orders. And they'll have 3 sets of doors, just like the old bendy buses, so that people can get on and not have to pay. Way to go, Boris!
  • adam t.
    Eh think Boris announced these are being build in the UK
  • The B.
    [...] that may compete for the title, and would therefore welcome your suggestions. It certainly beats Boris’s London Routemasters into a cocked a hat, and it’s the future of transport in Beijing’s Mentougou [...]

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