No-one is staying in hotels anymore

Bitterwallet - Hotel 91Lousy weather, no money and a general malaise. These aren't the best things if you're working in the service industry. Everyone is staying indoors and sulking. Those who aren't are either wealthy or alcoholics.


As a result, the hotel industry is really feeling it with fewer people staying in hotels than last year, according to a survey. If you're travelling, you may as well stay on a mate's sofa, eh?

Occupancy rates in Scotland were down 1.4% according to PKF, and residencies were down 5.3% in Wales and 3% in England. Scotland was the only one which saw a slight rise in the "rooms yield" rate (that's the average revenue brought in by the hotel for all rooms, divided by the number of rooms divided by 365 nights) despite a yield fall of an average 2.3% across the UK.

Alastair Rae, from PKF's real estate and hospitality sector, said: "These revenue figures will be welcome news for Scotland's hoteliers who have had a difficult few months since Easter. Although occupancy fell 1.4% during June, this is better than the rest of the UK where occupancy dropped along with revenue."

"In Scotland, revenue stabilised with a 0.2% increase in June and the actual rooms yield of £61.83 is £13.60 higher than the average for regional UK, indicating prices stabilising at a reasonable level."

So there you have it. More people want to stay in Scotland than any other part of Britain. Who'd-a-thunk?


  • badger
    £61.83? They'd hav to pay me more than that to stay in Scotland
  • Nikey H.
    Prices too high. Food is rubbish as well. English breakfast isn't a hearty breakfast for a hotel.
  • Mr M.
    British hotels cost a fortune, that's the problem... For the price of a weekend stay in the UK you can get abroad for a week.
  • Chewbacca
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  • Raggedy
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  • Me
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  • Sawyer
    "Occupancy rates in Scotland were down 1.4% according to PKF... Scotland was the only one which saw a slight rise in the “rooms yield” rate" So in other words, fewer people stayed but this drop was more than made up for by a price increase? Kinda explains why perhaps fewer people are staying.
  • Chewbacca
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