No free meals for British Airways economy class

No free meals for BA economy

If you're looking forward to a complimentary meal on a short haul economy British Airways flight... firstly, that's very specific, and secondly, you can't have one.

BA's economy passengers on short-haul journeys are going to have to pay for their meals, which are sandwiches supplied by Marks & Spencer.

Any flight less than 5 hours will now only offer M&S butties, which you'll have to pay for, unless you're in business class. They get fed for free.

Before, you got something like a complimentary bacon sarnie and a drink in BA's economy class, but not any longer. You might as well fly with Ryanair, eh?

In Club Europe – their short-haul business class service – not only will you continue to get a complimentary meal, but the whole service is being revamped.

Sod cattle class.

And get this - if you're happy to pay for an M&S sandwich on the flight, you'll be - for example - buying an Aberdeen Angus beef bloomer, which with the water and crisps, will cost you £7.55.

This will kick off from 11th January 2017.

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  • Harrydes

    I would check the overall cost of flight compared to other companies and use a different operator if more customer focused.

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