Night Tube - now delayed

12 August 2015

london_underground_sign If you were looking forward to the Tube's night service, then firstly, have you missed all the strikes that have been going on? And secondly, the service will be delayed, thanks to the aforementioned strikes.

It was supposed to be arriving in London in September, but that doesn't look likely now as it will be pushed back.

The plan was to have a night service was going to be on the Jubilee, Victoria and most of the Piccadilly, Central and Northern Lines, but not now. There's been conspiracy theories doing the rounds that the powers that be weren't ever ready for this service and certainly didn't have the money to see it through, so the strikes that have been taking place have been a very useful way of covering that up. However, they're conspiracies, and they're always meant to be taken with a vat of salt.

As for the strikes themselves, one union, Aslef, have said that their drivers won't be joining the new strikes from 6.30pm on August 25th and August 27th. That's not to say they won't change their minds - this week's talks went straight to deadlock, with further meetings to be had with the bosses of London Underground expected later on this week.

If they fail, then you can expect that Aslef members will be joining those from RMT, TSSA and Unite unions, who are most certainly striking in the run-up to the August Bank Holiday.

How to travel around London during the Tube strikes


  • oldgit
    Nice to see the Unions not abusing their rights to strike again.
  • Neil
    ^ This ^
  • Mickey C.
    It's been clear for a long time that the problems facing the night Tube would not be easily overcome, so in a sense a delay isn't a major surprise. I hope this delay will provide the breathing space necessary for unions and management to sit down and negotiate a resolution to this dispute without the need for further disruption to passengers.

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