Nick Clegg wants us to buy electric cars

Hey look, here’s Nick Clegg pretending to be a human in an electric car! That’s going to make us all want to get one, isn’t it? Well, the government seem to think this will be the case – they’re ploughing £500m into a campaign to encourage people to buy glorified milk floats.

nick clegg electric car

The cash will provide personal grants of up to £5,000 towards an electric car, and is intended to boost the ultra low emission vehicle (ULEV) industry.

Clegg said: ‘Owning an electric car is no longer a dream or an inconvenience. Manufacturers are turning to this new technology to help motorists make their every day journeys green and clean."

"This major investment is there to make driving an electric car affordable, convenient and free from anxiety about the battery running out. But it's also about creating a culture change in our towns and cities so that driving a greener vehicle is a no-brainer for most drivers."

Between 2015 and 2020, grants will be given to cities who can offer incentives to drivers of electric vehicles, by providing free parking or access to bus lanes. Boris Johnson, smoking a cigar on the top deck of a London omnibus, welcomed the move, tediously and meaninglessly calling it ‘a green game changer.’

All very nice in theory, but where are we going to plug them in?


  • flipperni
    I wouldn't buy an ice cream with a recommendation from that twat.
  • samuri
    isn't he a lying Twat?
  • just s.
    Good to see you scoffing so hard at electric vehicles. Is all that talk about climate change just washing over you like the latest tsuanmi? This fund is an incentive isn't it (obvious, no?) and any local authority will hopefully start looking at installing charging points asap. Milk floats are wonderfully peaceful, tame machines. Just what cars should be really; not these 4x4 tanks with bonnets so high you couldn't even see a small child run in front of it.
  • Testing123
    Testing 123, testing 123
  • ipeters432
    To just saying Use of Electric Vechiles in the UK are is not really Green as the majority of our electricity (which by the way is just meeting current demand) is not generated from Clean Sources. In France for example Nuclear power produces over 50% of their elctricity. Our electricty capacity is insuffiicent to support more electric cars; so for the UK its not realistic and certainly not green.. sorry but reality needs to surface at some point in green conversations. and yes Nick Clegg is a mega t***... apart from his comments re drugs and separating the UK State from any religion...

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