Next week's national rail strikes - how to claim your refund

29 March 2010

Bitterwallet - national rail strike Escaped the British Airways strike? Not to worry, because the national rail strike will get you. As it stands, the majority of the country's rail network will be at a standstill for four days beginning next Tuesday - slap bang in the middle of the Easter holidays. Revised timetables are due to be published on Thursday, and it's thought a limited service will manage to serve major conurbations. There's still a chance the strikes may not go ahead, with conciliatory talks going ahead today between the unions and Network Rail.

What can you do if you've already bought tickets? If the strikes go ahead and your service is cancelled, the Association of Train Operating Companies (ATOC) says you're entitled to a refund, but you should also be entitled to compensation for any delays, and annual pass holders may also be eligible for a part-refund. The application procedure for refunds varies from company to company, so below are the links to the Passenger Charters and relevant web pages for all the major train operators.

Avid Bitterwallet reader Martin previously pointed out if a train company doesn’t give details on their website, there are minimum rights set out in the National Conditions of Carriage from page 15 onwards.

Arriva Trains Wales - Passenger's Charter page 12 onwards

C2C - Passenger Charter

Chiltern Railways - Passenger Charter, pages 11 & 12 [PDF]

CrossCountry - Passenger Charter, pages 10 to 13 [PDF]

East Coast - Delay Repay

East Midland Trains - Passenger Charter, pages 6 & 7 [PDF]

First Capital Connect - Delay Repay

First Great Western - Compensation for Delays

First Hull Trains - FAQ

First Transpennine Express - Passengers' Charter, page 17 [PDF]

Gatwick Express - To apply for a refund

Grand Central - Refunds and Compensation

Island Line Trains - Passengers' Charter

London Midland - Passenger's Charter, pages 18 & 19 [PDF]

Merseyrail - Passenger Charter

National Express East Anglia - Passenger's Charter

Northern Rail - Passenger's Charter

ScotRail - Passenger Charter, pages 20 to 23 [PDF]

Southeastern - FAQs

Southern - Delay Repay

South West Trains - Passengers' Charter

Virgin Trains - Passenger Charter, pages 5 & 6 [PDF]


  • Mark M.
    Just as well I didn't go through with my idea to get shot of the car and use the train instead. Now it is a choice between sky-high fuel costs or unreliable trains :S
  • The B.
    What about those of us in London with travelcards?
  • Chris H.
    nice cameo in the image :)
  • siddhant
    you wont' get any thing back. "industrial action by a Train Company’s, or Rail Service Company’s, staff or agents or by any other person;" is not considered as reasonable cause along with terrorist activity.
  • RMT B.
    [...] don’t use the news as a reason not to check out our guide to getting rail refunds for late and cancelled [...]

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