New trains made from British Siemens

New trains are going to appear on British tracks, but a stir was caused after a load of foreign manufacturers started bidding for the jobs. Just how many jobs are going to be generated for British workers? Well, that's the question on the lips of a director at German giant Siemens.

See, the Government (less arsed about British jobs) awarded Siemens a £1.5bn contract to build 1,140 train carriages and, noticing the uproar, the Germans stated that they would create 2,000 jobs in the UK with this work.

And this is what they'll be building. By the looks of it, an old train with a shell on top.


Steve Scrimshaw, managing director of rail systems for Siemens, said: "There is definitely a big push to look at what you can do to help regenerate the economy. Going forward, that focus is going to be on even more. If you look at what London Underground and Crossrail have done, they are all trying to demonstrate the spend in the UK market.”

The new Thameslink carriages (due 2016) are being built in Germany but many components are being sourced from the UK.

Rail minister, Stephen Hammond, unveiled the new train and took a swipe at Europe in the process, saying that no-one can guarantee big contracts like this can stay in the UK thanks to European procurement laws.

Still, doesn't matter because no-one will be able to afford train tickets soon, so they should probably spend the money on fixing the roads for us all to drive on instead.

[Yes, the headline doesn't quite work, but  we were determined to crowbar in something that sounded like a train was made from spunk]


  • God
    Surely that should read "By British Seimen workers" If they were made FROM them, they would be soft and sticky and start to smell.
  • God
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    Just like "God" said - made FROM British workers???? Does it look like this? Mof, you're a fecking eejit!
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  • Dacouch
    My Brother in Law used to work for Siemens at their Staines branch and yes they genuinely answered the phone "Hello Siemens Staines"
  • Dacouch
    My Brother in Law used to work for Siemens at their Staines branch and yes they genuinely answered the phone "Hello Siemens Staines"
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    We heard you the first time.
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    Badger, back you up with a small correction, it was Siemens (slight pause, small cough) Staines
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