New rights for ferry passengers


People who go on ferries, like Gerry and his Pacemakers, are expected to get a whole bunch of new compensation rights if their journey is delayed or cancelled.

How about that?

At the moment, ferry passengers generally have the right to a refund or a place on a later ferry if any journey is disrupted. However, airline customers have had much more protection (unless you're flying with a bunch of shagsacks), such as compensation if a flight from a European airport is affected. If you fly, you can get compensation... if you sail, you can get fucked.

So, if the new regulations are adopted (which it is looking like they will), you'll be entitled to:

A full refund or re-routing if a journey is cancelled or delayed for more than 90 minutes; free meals and accommodation of up to three nights if you're stranded because of a cancellation or delay; compensation of between 25% and 50% of a ticket price if a journey is delayed or cancelled; free assistance for people who are disabled, as well as compensation for damage or loss of their mobility equipment.

Siim Kallas, vice-president of the European Commission and in charge of transport issues, said the change in regulations would "extend passenger rights to further transport modes".

"This means that passengers travelling by water will benefit from the same basic quality service standards wherever they travel in the European Union.

"We hope that the European framework of passengers' rights might soon be completed by the adoption of a regulation on rights for passengers travelling by bus and coach."



  • Matt
    Surely the ferry companies will just use the 'it's a problem that is out of our control' like all the airlines do and then give you the middle finger?
  • Nobby
    If you fly, you can get compensation… if you sail, you can get fucked. Usually by a butch sailor. Who is obviously gay. As he is a sailor.

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