Network Rail to make Christmas miserable

train Christmas eh? You might be thinking of going seeing some loved ones, or going back to your parents for a massive feed. Well, if you can't drive, you might have to walk, as Network Rail are all set to make travelling over the festive period pointlessly difficult.

That's right! It is that time of the year, when Network Rail do their major engineering works! Not only that, but we're told that it is the largest ever programme of engineering works across four key networks and lines! Right in the middle of a national holiday!

So which routes are facing disruption?

Great Western: Routes via Thames Valley, the south-west, Heathrow Express and Heathrow Connect between Slough and Paddington closed on 27 and 28 December, then reduced services until January 3.

West Coast Main Line: Stafford to Crewe closed 27 and 28 December. Fewer services and diversionary route for Virgin Trains. London Midland services replaced by buses.

London to Gatwick and Brighton line: Closures between East Croydon and Redhill from 26 December to 4 January, with replacement buses for Southern and Thameslink services. No Gatwick Express.

London Liverpool Street to East Anglia: Line to Ipswich, Norwich, Cambridge and Ely closed between Colchester and Marks Tey on 7-28 December, with replacement buses. Ingatestone, Southend Victoria and Southminster line closed and buses replace trains 28 and 28 December.

Southeastern Services: Disruptions to Kent lines.

The good news here is that, should you actively dislike your family, and need a decent reason to not see them over Christmas, Network Rail have just given you a get-out-of-jail-free card.



  • Shit j.
    So what is different to every other year, and when are Network Rail meant to do it? Do it outside of the holidays and no one gets to work.
  • Peter T.
    Well you can have your disruption during the holidays or during the time when people are trying to get to work. Bearing in mind how much season ticket holders whinge already, I know which one I'd choose.
  • Patrick
    Makes sense to do it at the quietest time of year for the railways. If they did it during the working week then businesses would have a right moan. They already do all the maintenance they can overnight
  • rjt
    Is it really "Line to Ipswich, Norwich, Cambridge and Ely closed between Colchester and Marks Tey on 7-28 December, with replacement buses. " or is that a typo?
  • Inspector G.
    What about giving everyone an extra week off work and then Network Rail can do it then? No one had to use the trains to get to work, no one is under obligation to go and see their family.

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