Network Rail promised a kicking over late trains

trainThe Office of Rail Regulation has got the belt out and started cracking its knuckles in the face of Network Rail as they hope to get the train operator to sort themselves out over the punctuality of their trains.

If they don't, they've been promised a 'substantial' penalty.

The ORR thinks that Network Rail is likely to imminently breach its operating licence, leaving them no choice but to prepare an enforcement notice. The ORR found that Network Rail had 'struggled to cope' regarding their long distance punctuality target.

While the ORR conceded that cable theft contributed to late trains, they insisted that NR could do more, concluding that a number of problems have been 'of the company's own making', notably concerning problems with timetable planning and poor handling of equipment failures.

The ORR's chief executive Richard Price said: “Let me be clear – we expect Network Rail to hit targets, and to achieve this by implementing sustainable improvements that really benefit passengers. In the last year, approximately 13.7 million long distance journeys were affected by late or cancelled trains – and this is unacceptable. That is why we are proposing a penalty which puts pressure on Network Rail to achieve its funded target – an incentive for the company to do everything it can to deliver improvements.

“We will not allow Network Rail to rest at ‘good’ performance when the public have paid the company to achieve excellence. It is our duty as the regulator to push for improvements for passengers – and that is what we will do.”

Network Rail chief executive David Higgins responded to the warning, saying: "We accept the challenge to deliver an even better service. We are determined to do all we can to achieve that, through balancing the continued growth in demand with passengers’ desire for improved reliability.”


  • Dick
    > If they don’t, they’ve been promised a ’substantial’ penalty. In other words, expect fares to rise by inflation plus 4% next year to cover the penalty.
  • The B.
    Not of course forgetting that in order to meet their own targets they'll reduce the number of trains running.
  • Chewbacca
    Let's face it, the whole thing is a farce. The only people who will suffer from this imminent "penalty" are the taxpayers as NR is funded wholly by us* anyway. *us = taxpayers, not the single mothers, immigrants and benefits scum who infest this island, and indeed, this blog.
  • Sicknote
    1. I pay for my season ticket to the Train Operators 2. I pay my tax and that goes to Network Rail 3. I pay my tax and that goes in subsidies to the Train Operators 4. My train is late and I get jack shit unless it's over an hour late and then it's a derisory payment It's fucked.
  • foxes
    Just get a car
  • Mike H.
    All because people can't drive.
  • Mustapha S.
    ....saying: “We accept the challenge to deliver an even better service....." A service full stop would be nice
  • zax
    Chewbaca, I am an Aussie immigrant but I dont' claim any benefits whatsoever. You might wanna edit that matie to benefit-eating immigrants. Btw, let's bring back British Rail!
  • Boring B.
    That guy in the picture is huge!
  • Mike H.
    No wonder trains are so overcrowded. That picture is proof there's about 2 seats per carriage.

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