Network Rail and their £37.5bn investment plan

From 2000 onward, rail users have seen season tickets going up by £1,300, train fares rising 20% faster than our wages and an increasingly shoddy service. In short, there is very little confidence in the trains, which means that there'll be just cynicism about the £37.5bn plan to develop the UK's railway infrastructure over five years by Network Rail.

The plan is that, up until 2019, we'll start seeing quicker journeys, 170,000 more peak-time commuter seats and better reliability. Nothing about cheaper fares there, you'll note.

There are plans to spend £600m on protecting tracks and bridges against floods and the adding of 1,000 miles of new electrified lines. £5bn will be spend on the network from London to Swansea, as well as congested areas like Reading and Greater Manchester.

Network Rail chief executive David Higgins told the BBC: "We have an amazing railway which is performing out of its socks, but it is still an old, Victorian railway which costs money to maintain because it is old and at a very, very high level of capacity, so getting access to the railway is really difficult.

"But we have made huge progress. The costs of maintaining and operating the railway in the 10-year period to 2014 have come down by 50%. We have to invest to save. We have to spend now to increase capacity, create a more resilient railway."

These plans will inevitably mean that fares are going to rise further, beyond inflation, which means that these improvement won't be enjoyed by the maximum number of people, who are increasingly being priced out of rail travel.


  • klingelton
    speculate to accumulate. don't speculate and pass the cost onto the customer who then can't afford to use your service and you run out of customers. it's all getting a little silly now.
  • Ian
    "The costs of maintaining and operating the railway in the 10-year period to 2014 have come down by 50%." Then why have rail fares gone up so much in the same period?
  • Kevin
    Maintaining and operating is different than upgrading, which they have also been doing perhaps? Maybe if people didn't choose to travel 50 miles to get to work it wouldn't be as much of an issue? Yes jobs aren't available everywhere and you live in the sticks as you can't afford to live nearer but the point is that you made that choice and you have to take the consequences of that choice, whatever external things happen.
  • Ian
    Will fares fall when the upgrades have finished? Will they fuck. If people didn't commute into London, the country would be in a much worse state than it currently is, and you wouldn't enjoy the standard of living you have at present. You should be thanking us commuters by making a larger contribution towards our rail fares through your taxes.
  • Raggedy
    I expect there to be no investment/improvement on the Exeter to London Waterloo line which is the one I use. So why should I have to pay more for a sub-standard service? This franchising effort is just a license to rip off customers. @Kevin - Being forced to accept something is not having a choice. You work for South West Trains by any chance?
  • Sicknote
    "Network Rail and their £37.5bn investment plan...." Um, Network Rail is doing fuck all unless the tax payer funds it to the tune of 100%.
  • sdutton007
    Scrap public transport. Going from all the evidence, it costs more to use a vehicle that can transport dozens/hundreds of people than it would if each one of them took a car! The whole point of mass transportation is that a bunch of people going from/to the same place at the same time can all take a single vehicle at greatly reduced costs, instead of each finding their own way there.
  • sdutton007
    Getting pissed off... can't post my message because it is awaiting moderation that will never happen...........
  • shiftynifty
    The railways are fucked and have been since privatisation....the franchise holders know this...which is why they are bailed out when they go tits up....people are now realising they are getting fucked over
  • Chewbacca
    @sdutton007 The arseholes at BW wouldn't know moderation if it shat on their faces. Christ, they still try to defend the wankers at HUKD and their shitty tax dodging.
  • Chewbacca
    Oh, and everyone else: Quit your fucking whining. Those who choose to live miles away from work in order to get a cheaper house can fucking suck it up. Wankers.
  • Mr M.
    Unless the upgrades/investment are allowing for double-deckers what the hell's the point.
  • Mike O.
    Chewbacca telling everyone else to stop whining. The irony's too much...
  • Raggedy
    @Chewbacca You give a bad name to Wookies everywhere. Though it's obvious from his comments that he bought a house in the same location as he works and should another job come up with better terms, conditions and wages, he would turn it down to prevent himself becoming a one handed typist. Are Wookies colour blind?
  • shiftynifty
    Chewbacca STFU......
  • chewbacca
    Another day, another nail hit on the head. You all protesteth too much, nobbers!
  • Mary H.
    I love trains me, apart from gordon, hes nasty to the others.Percy is my favourite, he reminds me of Brian Dowling
  • Power
    New Major Control Centre Basinstoke, Electrification - Major delivery.
  • jokester
    lol @ Hairy Minge / Mary Hinge
  • Piers M.
    Two Chewbaccas in the same place? Surely not? At least one's amusing, unlike the other twat.

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