Music-loving easyJet finds a bass in the sun

summer holidayMusicians and airlines rarely mix well; if you've ever seen a band trying to check their luggage in, there's usually swearing involved. If their instruments make it onto the flight, there's a chance they'll come back in more than one piece. There's also the possibility the airline will get the arse regardless and charge additional seats for their instruments to sit in.

So in a shrewd PR move that'll please musicians and drummers alike, easyJet have introduced a new policy on their flights; following discussions with the Society of Musicians, passengers can now carry an instrument as hand luggage, as well as their regular hand luggage.

Musical instruments up to 30cm x 117cm x 38cm in size will fit in overhead lockers, so the likes of guitars, violins, violas and bugles should all be allowed. Larger instruments such as cellos can also be accepted in the cabin by special arrangement. Grand news for musicians, then, perhaps less so for other passengers if their hand luggage has to moved elsewhere in the cabin to accommodate them.


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  • wonky h.
    @marky mark Is that Princess Di ?
  • Marky M.
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  • Felacio N.
    She truly was The Queen of Hearts.

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