"Motorway services are a massive rip-off" surprise of the year

service stationThere are not many places on Earth that are more depressing than a motorway service station. Expansive and drab concrete car-parks topped off with faceless buildings that rattle with the sounds of arcade machines not being played by anyone and the dull slap of people throwing themselves to the floor with the weight of tedium.

As you slope around aimlessly, just to stretch your legs, you know that the exact same thing is going on across the road in some horrible, pointless parallel universe.

And then there's the price of stuff.

We all know that the services are rather creative in the way they price products up. Badly-made gadgets for the car nestle alongside Kit Kats that you need a mortgage to buy. Generally speaking, prices at service stations are at least twice as high as those at your average supermarkets. We know this already, but travelsupermarket.com have crunched some numbers in an attempt to appear like our pals/make us aware of their existence.

So, for example, if you want to buy a sausage roll that would normally set you back 40p in a supermarket, then you'll be expected to cough-up £2. If you then want to get the taste of offal out of your mouth, then 17p Polos will set you back 58p.

How do they get these prices?

Bob Atkinson, of travelsupermarket.com, told the Indy: "Following the severe disruptions to air travel this year with snow, volcano eruptions and strikes, many people will be holidaying in the UK this summer or driving to ferry, cruise and rail terminals to avoid flying.

"It might take a bit more time and effort but taking your own food and drink really does pay. It is consistently cheaper to buy snacks, drinks and sandwiches away from the motorway service station at a UK supermarket."

Lets be honest here... if you didn't know that, then you really need your bumps testing.


  • Wonky H.
    In another report travelsupermarket.com found out that the sea was wet, and the sky was, get this, blue.
  • The B.
    Technically the sky isn't blue, it's the sun's light being filtered by the atmosphere coupled with humankind's evolutionary trait to perceive a very small fraction of the full light spectrum that makes it appear that way.
  • PaulH
    Take that Wonky Henry you tart!
  • Mike H.
    Yeah wonky, we're all going to gang up on you as you weren't technically correct, so nah!
  • TomAss
    I just use the things to piss in
  • Carl
    I just use the "near my route" function on my sat nav now, there's usually a McDonalds or an edge-of-town supermarket within spitting distance of the motorway. Stopping at services for anything other than a toilet break is stupid.
  • Nobby
    In addition to taking your own food, if you piss on the floor in the service station you really feel you get your money's worth (even if you don't spend anything).
  • Tom
    I have to say services are cheaper for pic n mix compared to the cinema. But then again it is the cinema. You not only need a mortgage to buy food from there but a soul you can sell too. As for everything else it is more expensive...
  • Spark
    This just in on 'lets point out the obvious', dogs actually do like bones and Wayne Rooney really is an ugly bastard.
  • BlueBoy
    @The Real Bob Actually we see all of the light spectrum, hence it being called visible light, the light spectrum just happens to be a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum, the majority of which we cannot detect with our eyes. Although we can detect infra-red with our skin.
  • Gunn
    Are they trying to say that service stations should be the same price as supermarkets? You expect to pay a premium there, if you do not want to pay then drive into a nearby town/village and go to the supermarket. But I wouldn't say they were all drab, the last one I stopped at was Tebay on the M6, was quite impressed.
  • The B.
    @BlueBoy Hence my specific assertation that humankind saw the sky as blue, other species on earth have a different visible light spectrum and will not see the sky as blue, so when you state the visible spectrum you actually mean "the light spectrum visible to the human eye", but then if you'd read my post properly you'd already know that wouldn't you?
  • James D.
    All this sounds a bit complicated. I thought the Spectrum could only display eight colours.
  • Callum B.
    I work in a motorway station and it is literally hell manifest on earth. Customers come and gripe about the price and what do you tell them, it's not like the cashier slaves set them. They charge you for the bus to get there unless you're local too, so it functionally pays under minimum wage. Miserable for everyone involved.
  • cheapskate
    Where can you buy Polos for 17p?
  • Wonky H.
    @cheapskate ASDA http://www.mysupermarket.co.uk/ocado-compare-prices/Mints_And_Gum/Nestle_Polo_Original_Mints_6x34g.html
  • bob d.
    # Posted by The Real Bob | June 7th, 2010 at 1:18 pm Technically the sky isn’t blue, it’s the sun’s light being filtered by the atmosphere coupled with humankind’s evolutionary trait to perceive a very small fraction of the full light spectrum that makes it appear that way. you bastard ill never be happy staring at the sky again
  • Touchwood
    For those who don't have satnav the supermarkets often provide free UK maps in their petrol stations detailing the locations and facilities of their establishments. A short drive off the motorway will get you a motorway service station meal at a supermarket cafe price.
  • Touchcloth
    Is the above information real, it sounds just like a top tip.
  • Nobby
    > All this sounds a bit complicated. I thought the Spectrum could only display eight colours. But boy can it beep.
  • -]
    fuck the speccy, get a c64. playing lego has never been so much fun.
  • cheapskate
    @ Wonky Henry - that's for 6 packs and I only want 1 pack as 'Mof' implied I could get in the journalistic masterpiece above.

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