Motorists! Petrol prices to make your pocket cry!

petrol_guagePeople who drive are mental. They are. Driving a car is more expensive that making a decision to only eat black printer ink cartridges coated in saffron for the rest of your life.

And now, the motorist in you should brace itself for record high petrol prices this year. According to research by the AA, the cost of unleaded fuel will leap to £1.20 a litre or more.

The Very Nice Men say that those who are skint will be hit hard by the predicted price jump and, subsequently, asked the chancellor, Alistair Darling, to hold fire on the introduction of a 3p hike in petrol duty, due on 1st April.

On average, you're paying just over £1.15 for a litre of petrol at the moment (feel free to say if you're paying more in the comments). The AA reckon that's more likely to be  £1.20 by next month, which number fans, is over £5.40 a gallon. Before long, drivers may as well power their cars on rocking-horse shit.

According to the Guardian, figures show that the average petrol bill for a two-car family has already gone up by £52 per month to £245 in the past year.

The AA's president, Edmund King, said: "The UK is barely out of recession, yet petrol threatens to rise to record prices seen during the boom of 2008, shortly before the collapse into recession. If families, drivers on fixed incomes and those on low pay were unable to cope with prices then, they are even less likely now."

Lindsay Hoyle, a Labour MP on the Commons business select committee who is also a man with a girl's name, called the increase a "complete disgrace". Speaking to the Telegraph, he said: "Yes, crude oil has gone up this year, but nothing like the rise in petrol prices. Motorists are being legally mugged at the forecourt by petrol companies."

Vent now.


  • Mr G.
    Handy Hint: apparently petrol is about 10 or 11p a litre in Saudi Arabia (a friend of mine has just moved out there). May be worth driving over there to fill up.
  • ElBuc
    I think they should double the tax on petrol for cars, and make 4x4 drivers pay 4x4 the amount - so that would be 1.20 x 2 x 4 x 4 = £38.40 per litre... suck on that you inconsiderate cunts!
  • dasher
    And the REAL issue i have here is that Mr Darling wants to put his petrol rate UP again!! BUT will still only let people claim 49p per mile for business use and has no plans to increase this amount since its change YEARS ago!! Im gonna buy an oil tanker, sail off to saudi and fill her up!
  • Tom
    @dasher 40p per mile (for the first 10,000, 25p thereafter).
  • CompactDistance
    Don't mind if they raise taxes on petrol, as long as it's ring-fenced for public transport improvements, oh wait...
  • ian9outof10
    I filled up our Golf TDI at the weekend from empty, cost me £65. These are scary times we're living in.
  • David B.
    If everyone that still believes in 'global warming' killed themselves to reduce their carbon footprint there would be a lot more cheap petrol left for the rest of us.....simples
  • Nobby
    There is another way to fill up cheaper. If you find a sleeping tramp, place a cup by their mouth, then kick them in the bollocks. Some spittle will enter the cup. Do this loads of times and the cup will be full. Amazingly, the spittle of tramps is as good as pure petrol, it is something to do with all the alcohol they drink. If you have a diesel car, then place the cup near their eyes, and step sharply on their bollocks, giving a little twist as your foot goes down.
  • Gunn
    Make kids walk to school, saves petrol and reduces traffic in the morning, win win.
  • init
    about time to hit the tax button on air fuel that really would wipe the smile from willie walsh
  • Fella-Tio
    @ Tom CORRECT fucking liberties! having to make up extra expenses now!
  • andy
    This country is a joke
  • Matthew B.
    Its 118.9 for both Petrol and Diesel in both our local petrol stations. Its beyond a joke. Its still cheaper to drive than to use public transport though as it costs £170 PER MONTH for a bus permit!
  • Gandy
    The real issue is the exorbitant duty we have been paying on fuel for far too long, and now they want to slap on another 3p per litre. Double-dip recession here we come!
  • milky
    get schools to ban idling ..(of engines) within the school area this really gets on my tits breathing in a lungful of crap from the inconsiderate moron parked on the pavement outside the nippers school, save money & pollution. (they have no idling engine policies in canada which seem to be adhereed to)
  • ElBuc
    Raise petrol prices please please please!
  • MattWPBS
    If public transport was better run/more realistically priced, I wouldn't mind. Problem is that private companies have no real urge to service all areas. Hence getting a bus out of the village would not get me to work on time. In terms of high prices, it's all about this place in London. View Larger Map
  • F. F.
    Carry on as normal vs. strike.... um.... Fuck it, carry on as normal.
  • snoogans81
    Ha, Hoyle is my local MP, I didn't honestly expect to ever see his name on here. That said, the prices in our town aren't near £1.19p, more like £1.15, but even that is taking the piss frankly. Sainsburys are best round here at £1.13 right now.
  • Ben M.
    Reading seems to be a cheap area nationally. Prices here are as "low" as 111.99, but up to 116.99. In the end, if we aren't happy paying it, those long distance truckers will take time out of their busy prostitute-murdering schedules to clog up our petrol stations and cause a fuss.
  • Lou
    As the rest of the world comes out of recession, driving up demand for fuel, expect fuel to hit £2/litre by the end of the year. And don't think we'll be out of recession by then, recent polls show it's more likely that we'll have a hung parliament, so 4 more years of Gordon's boys. We're royally fucked.
  • Jack
    We're fucked, but there isn't really much we can do about it. 1. You can either make a stand and don't buy petrol, which is difficult 2. The only way to get round it, is by trying to get some sort of co-operative together to buy fuel / possibly extract oil, all things done at cost price, and no profits - pffft even more unlikely 2. Or carry on buying petrol - easy They have us just where they want us, they know we need it. If we stop buying it, they'll just cut back production ever so slightly, we don't account for much of the market here in the UK. There doesn't seem to be much competition in pricing. They must all meet together and make illegal agreements of price fixing or something, I don't really know how it works, apart from OPEC fixing things to maintain high pricing and profitability.
  • Jack
    * oops, I edited my list, the final 2 is supposed to be a 3
  • Jase
    When I started driving the local BP garage sold sold at around 107.9p, now it's up at 114.9p...and that rise only happened in the last 3 weeks or so. I fill up the car approx. once a week with a flat 25L, and everytime the total has crept closer to the £30.
  • Jase
    And to add to the whole public transport thing... I drove to work. Straight up the A1 for 25 miles. It would cost me perhaps £6.50 a day and take around 45 minutes (one way). I then wrote-off my car and had to do the journey with public transport. It took me 2 buses and 1 train to do a one-way journey. A 1 month permit set me back £120, but didn't cover one of the that was an extra £9 a week. If I hit all the departures right, it took me 2 hours (one way). Car = £130 (20 x £6.50) : 45 minutes Public Transport = £156 ((£9 x 4) + £120) : 2 hours Why would anyone willingly choose public transport?
  • Mosschops
    Gordon was a twat and Darling is also a twat. How Labour got in again is beyond belief. Oh and I dont have kids - so references to parents/kids/school runs are incidental. These can afford it, what with all the money I pay as tax for their child support - how about you fuck off and pay for your own bastard kids and let me spend my money on something I actually want. Single, male so I get fucked from every angle (apart from council tax I get a discount for only using 1 persons resources - of course I am still subsiding households with many people living in them cos I only get 25% discount and council tax has gone up 2.2% this year because Gordo and Darling decided Solihull should again receive the lowest grant of any Metropolitan borough in the country) and they didnt even send me a Valentines day card this year. I don't shaft my missus several time a day and I had to get her one! How the hell is cost of living increase calculated? Cos my petrol, council tax and all other main bills have gone up a lot more than the cost of living increases. Stationary I reckon is whats screwing this - MPs have bought so much shit on their expenses and put it down as stationary that its scewed the cost of living increaes for everyone else because you can now buy more cheap chinese manufactured pens. Oh and by the way - Gordos goons decided this week to not buy snatch landrover replacements from BAE cos that would save the last couple of manufacturing jobs we have in this country and instead decided to by them from overseas. How is this fucker still in a job when people who can actually do theirs are on the dole! What amazes me more than the amount of money, jobs, NHS and socialist housing resources he has pissed up the wall and still doesnt seem to realise he's done it is that some twats will try and vote him in again this year. If you vote Labour your vote should be voided because you are too fucking dumb to contribute to the outcome of this country. If Labour tried it in France, they wouldnt get away with it. MPs should be paid the average wage for their area and be subjected to the conditions we all live in - 2 homes is not the norm for us, expenses are subject to scrutiny and reasonable limits. We get 25 days a year holiday not months of it. We are subject to the actual law, not ones you make up for yourself. We subscribe to a pension shceme with our employers not invent one for yourself cos lets be honest if you did it would look like the ones MPs get. £140,000 bonus for stepping down as an MP and keep your job until the next election - fuck off, you fiddled and stole public money belonging to the people you should be looking after and even when you are embarassed into resigning because you stole and got caught - you still rape us on the way out - how about going to prison like anyone else would? "oh but it was all in the rules" might be but you still knew you were wasting tax payers money and laughing while you did it so you knew it was wrong and dishonest. How the fuck did they build the whole of Dubai for a tenth of the UKs national debt? They dont pay tax and spend huge sums of money and are still are better off per person than in the UK? How the hell? Work shy, thieving, bastards!
  • SJT
    Anyone who is suggesting we take the bus obviously hasn't taken one in the last 15 years. My last experience of a bus (in Leeds) was that it was crowded, slow, expensive, full of chavs, stank of wee, and I still had to walk to get where I needed to go. Once we get half decent and affordable public transport, I may consider using it. Mosschops - well said!
  • Rob
    Surely its about time the government upped the 40p then 25p rate. How can that allowance stay the same while the tax payable if you take 'free private fuel' from your company keeps going up and up?
    Lindsay Hoyle, a Labour MP on the Commons business select committee who is also a man with a girl’s name, called the increase a “complete disgrace”. Speaking to the Telegraph, he said: “Yes, crude oil has gone up this year, but nothing like the rise in petrol prices. Motorists are being legally mugged at the forecourt by petrol companies.” AND YOUR BLOODY PARTY MATE.
  • andyofyarm
    All this big oil mugging is just bullshit.The big source of the increase in fuel recently has been weakness in sterling.It's a classic example of imported inflation. The second issue of why UK fuel is so expensive is of course down UK duty levels. Quite right these taxation levels are 'unfair' of workers who need a car. Problem is are spending about £200Billion per year more than we collect in tax,so the scope to tinker with tax on fuel is non existent Life in the UK is going to get much much much worse
  • Mosshcops
    I apologise for the punctiation errors in my last post - got a bit carried away. I also made the mistake of comparing Dubai's debt to the UK - of course I meant to compare it to the UKs public borrowing per year. Dubai owe about £35 billion in total. Labour have managed to overspend by £178 billion this year alone. That means you could build Dubai 5 times every year just with the UK defecit! What the hell are they doing with it? Estimated expendature this year is over £1000 billion. Dubai fits inside the UK 6 times - does this mean we could rebuild the UK to the level of Dubai every year and still have over £800 billion to spend on the NHS and benefits? EVERY SINGLE YEAR? Thats £12,000 per person in the UK per year. While we're at it lets split up the PMs £400,000 a year salary cos he hasn't earned it.
  • Bob
    The annoying thing is that it costs me more because I keep remembering those stupid government "drive 5 miles less a week' ads, or even worse the abominable kiddies stories apocalypse global warming ads. Every time I remember I rev my car more to purposely offset some prick who pays them any attention. Or the pricks who make me have to buy 150W incandescent bulbs on the black market.
  • andyofyarm
    Other than Para 1 the piece lacks anything other than the AA press release.Pay Mof a tenner .
  • Anth
    Why is know one doing anything about this, last year when oil Prices were $150 per barrel there was strikes and people complaining al over the country. Oil is now only $80 yet Petrol Prices are nearly as high as they were when oil was at record levels This government is Shit and our Country is slowly turning into a Mugabe's Zimbabwe. Why don't they Tax Chav Alchohol by 50% ( stop the Crime on the streets thats what the main issue is in this country ) then drop the Tax by 20% on fuel. Everyone wil be pleased Except Chavs. at least prices wil come down and people can start going to work and living again, just don't drink WKD and Whiteb Lightning Cider lol Because of fuel being so expensive and no Pay rises being payed this counrty is heading for melt down big time. People will soon quit work lorrys companies will cease to trade food wil go up. Lets do somthing
  • Kwai C.
    I've been using BP's Ultimate Diesel and that's been about £1.20 per litre for a while. I get a little more mileage over the normal diesel (tried and tested) but I am walking a lot more to cover the difference in overall spending. I've even considered getting one of those electronic bicycle's for short distance travel. With insurance prices going up as well it's been hard to justify even having my car as we already have another in my household. It's just crazy that energy and insurance companies can hold us at ransom like this.
  • Mark M.
    The problem is that Labour's response to any issue has been to tax it until it stops. Look at emissions etc. the govt wants less cars on the road, so they keep on squeezing fuel duty as they know with each rise, more people will stop using their cars because they can't affors to run them - result! Soon, they will have a terrorsit tax and within 5 years, no-one will be abe to afford to blow us up.
  • Gunn
    @Jase, You are only factoring in the petrol costs and not adding the actual running costs of the car, tax, insurance, MOT, servicing, breakdown cover etc, its probably more in the end but convenience wise, unless there is a bus stop outside your house and work then the car is always going to be faster.
  • Klingelton
    When we lived in london, the wife paid £90 something a month for here zones 1-3 monthly travel card. we had 1 car (because i worked outside of london) and i can honestly say - having a car in london is pointless. The tube is excellent for shipping people around. We now live in leeds. It's cheaper to get a taxi into town than it is to get the bus. the buses are regular, but smell of rotting student dreadlocks, stale urine (eminating from the ex-miner sat next to you) or you fear for your life as a walking tattoo'd work of art gets onto the bus and gives you funny looks. regards to the car - i'm seriously considering getting shot of my car and cycling. But i can guarantee that circumstances will change immediately and i will need a car again!
  • Randomhero
    Fill your car up on a cold morning, fuel is denser when its cold so you get more bang for your buck. I pay £60 a month for my bus pass and I live in Newcastle/Gateshead and its faily easy to get around on public transport. I only use the motor for food shopping etc, never take it to work. If I lived where I grew up in the middle of Yorkshire I would have no choice but to use the car as there was one bus a day which often didn't even turn up. To make matters worse the fuel costs are usually higher out in the sticks as the market is less competitive, usually one petrol station serving a number of villages
  • Mark M.
    @Randomhero: this has been said a few times, but if you think about it, the ambient temp will have very little effect on the tanks as they are underground. A nice idea though ;) As regards public transport, I live in Liverpool and commute to Manchester. The journey would take the same time, but there is the added worry of trains being cancelled, late etc and how that would effect my job. If that wasn't a worry, I'd get shot of my car without hesitation
  • Barry W.
    Still cheaper than a pint of beer - get over it
  • Fu M.
    i don't have a car, don't need it. can walk to work/shops etc. but i do have a motorhome in storage. cant beat it. sun, freedom, nice people etc. but now horrifying how much it costs to go anywhere in it compared to um... i don't know... flying to the continent. isn't my carbon footprint less to be driving about in my motorhome for holidays rather than flying somewhere and encouraging yet more hotel growth?
  • paul
    need to protest again come on people wake up
  • daniel
    if you cant stop moaning and think its too high a price then dont fucking buy it...sell your vehicle and buy a push bike...simples....

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