Mother and children thrown off plane for bad behaviour, no refund

Children, eh? Pains in the arse, the lot of them. They kick and scream and are permanently hungry - that, or they're pissing and shitting everywhere, all the time, like little turd machines. If you've a flicker of decency within your soul then you'll never take them to pub, supermarket or restaurant until they're old enough to vote, and save the sanity of other patrons who don't want to hear you scream at your kids like a psychopath.

So do you pity the mother who was thrown off an airline with her two toddlers because one of them posed, in the words of the airline spokesperson, "a security issue"? If passengers are removed because of their children (especially in an instance where the children are under four years old) should airlines refund the airfare in the spirit of good customer service, or is this American airline right to refuse the mother a refund? Let us know what you think.



  • JC
    If parents can't keep their kids under control then they should be left behind.
  • Pizza_D_Action
    Lesson - control your fucking children in future and don't inflict them on others who don't have children. Dumb bitch!
  • Mark M.
    refund? refund.... no... because i'm sure the airline will have to use the money that she paid to compensate other passengers.... i might launch a - no kids at all ever for whatever reason airline - (catchy name!) and i'll sure be a moneyspinner M
  • Nick
    So there is no security issue with leaving a non-travelling passenger's luggage on a plane! This is the 1st rule of airline travel if a passenger is taken off a plane or is not present on the plane then the luggage has to be removed. What a pile of crap airline this must be!
  • lisa
    well i personally think its shocking i have three kids under 5 and they do make alot of noise but to throw them of the plane for being kids is ridiculous
  • David
    I was on a BMI flight yesterday afternoon from Heathrow to Manchester. The mother behind me had two children; a 2yo boy and a girl of about 6. Both were incredibly badly behaved. The girl shouted and screamed most of the time, refused to put on her seat belt and ripped up papers. She was also up and down the aisle, including on take-off. The boy just screamed until he could get out of his seat. Then he ran up and down the aisle the whole time. The mother? She just said "don't do that, it's naughty". To children who swore at her! I've got two children and there's no way they would do this. If the children are causing problems, then the airline is in the right. Both the children yesterday were a security issue but the staff didn't intervene once.
  • Paul S.
    David, surely this would be a safety issue and not a security issue? The spokeswoman is quite careful about choosing her words, but I can't see why a four year-old child not sitting down is a "security issue"? Am I splitting hairs, or is she a paranoid American?
  • Ian
    She'd get it though.
  • jinky
    They weren't thrown off the flight for being kids, they were thrown off for being little bastards. I wish some companies over here would take notice and carry this out. If you can't control your own kids you shouldn't have them, stop inflicting them on US.
  • oliverreed
    Kids with ticking lunchboxes are a security issue, these kids just behaved like cunts
  • SJT
    @Ian Yes she would. And you know she puts out - she already has two kiddies!
  • magicbeans
    bit much imo. my kids have kicked off and i its highly embarrasing. wouldnt let them get away with their seatblets off though..... need to deal with them in their seats. and at 4 he could be better controlled/bribed!
  • oliverreed
    It's nice somebody has told a twat and their twatty kids to feck off, the amount of times some fool in a uniform can't tell a parent they are shit and they need to reign the kids in for fear of a complaint whilst the rest of us has to sit there and suffer. Bet she's gutted she isn't a minority so she could apply some race spin as welll.....
  • Kevin
    Teach her to keep her kids strapped in there seats won't it, this happened on a flight I was on and the kid ended up choking on a Polo that the mother had given the child, the cabin crew and the pilot all battled for the kids life and we all thought there was going to be a death on the plane, was only a last gasp effort that dislodged the sweet and the kid breathed again but had a broken rib through the sheer force involved in carrying out the Heimlick manouvre, and all because the stupid cow of a mother wouldn't strap the kid into the seat before takeoff and let the little fucker climb all over the seats and hang half way over ours whilst spitting slobber from its mouth all over us. Kid and parents were then escorted off the plane to hospital..I think we had a lucky escape from that flight and although wouldn't wish the kid any harm, was breathing a sigh of relief at not having the little brat around for a 5 hour flight back from Cyprus..
  • Gunn
    If that airline kicks off screaming annoying kids, they'd be my new favourite airline.
  • grex9101
    Good. People who can't control their feral offspring should realise that the rest of us cannot tolerate their constantly bleating effluent. I'm sick to the back teeth of kids who cannot behave due to the lack of parenting skills.
  • Ugh c.
    > lisa 5:18 pm > they do make alot of noise but to throw them of the plane for being kids is ridiculous They weren't thrown off because they were noisy. They were thrown off because the brat wouldn't sit in his seat. That's a Good Thing as far as I'm concerned.
  • Big G.
    It's a very old adage-"I BLAME THE PARENTS"
  • Mum t.
    I personally think children should be kept under control. I have 3 children myself aged and they have been airline travellers all of their lives they are now age 16.13 & 11. It is really difficult with a crying baby you are stuck but once a child is old enough to talk then bribery is good. We always end up sitting near the noisy kids, Have just come back from Hong Kong via the middle East the parents were useless at trying to keep their youngsters quiet, Dad just sat there watching the films with his earphones on & mother slept. Unbelievable, No real attempt was made to pacify the kid during the 15 hours of flying time. It really annoys me. I can also remember going to New York the family was split up. The baby kept crying & I could see dad was getting stressed. I tapped him on the shoulder & asked did he want me to take baby for a few minutes, he virtually threw the baby at me, Within about 5 minutes baby was asleep much to mine the dads & the other nearby passengers relief. I wished someone had taken my baby on the way back from Florida once she cried for ages. Finally got her to sleep on the floor but the air hostesses made me wake her back up to land in Gander for refuelling it was a nightmare & really embarrassing, My baby was only 15 months old but I have never had a problem with any of them since, Likewise we had some toddler tantrums over the years but like I said Bribery is great to keep them under control.
  • The B.
    Fuck me, not only did she get booted off the flight but someone's nicked all her furniture bar the tv and sofas too, how unlucky is that? If you can't control your kids then don't catch public transport, simple.
  • Mark
    MILF. That is all.
  • Bob
    Kids should be left in cargo imo.
  • Pau S.
    She is hot!
  • me
    I've seen kids spit at crew trying to get them fastened in while the useless bitch of a mother just sits there. Good riddance. If they don't behave, kick em off and do everyone a favour. Shame it doesn't happen more often.
  • maxtweenie
    Throw them off. From 10000 feet. Little fuckers.
  • Gill O.
    Have to say, I agree with the airline in chucking them off. Would argue that it wasn't probably a security issue, but certainly a safety issue - and antisocial to boot. I know it's stressful taking kids on planes but.... nobody FORCES people to take their kids on flights. If some drunk can be refused boarding because they are a safety hazard then so should a badly behaved brat. And no refunds. Maybe then parents will wake up to their responsibilities to control their "mini-me"s
  • TomT
    I have to agree with the airline. Having recently spent a 5 hour flight with a kid constantly kicking the back of my seat, I have come around to thinking they should be banned completely.........
  • Dave
    A lesson for those parents that inflict their offspring on other passengers. I only hope more airlines follow this example, maybe then some parents might ensure they keep control of their kids. But it isn't only on planes that others have to suffer, it's almost everywhere you're likely to bump into parents with out of control children. The problem is deeper than just on airline travel. I also have an issue with the airlines claim of safety/security. Surely the bags belonging to the family should have been removed before the flight took off? I've lost count of the times I've been stuck waiting for bags to be taken off my flight.
  • Squirrel
    So calling toddlers cunts and little fuckers is acceptable, yes? There are some lovely responses here! I'm guessing it's one of those 'you'd have to have been there things' but the whole thing does seem completely excessive. Kids are kids. It's getting the balance between making some allowances for boredom and confined spaces and not tolerating out-and-out appalling behaviour.
  • Phil
    This is what happens when you cant smack kids because you'll get done for abuse! Lord of the fecking flies. Imagine the teacher that has to put up with those. I got two kids and they are mint, they act like kids, have fun and also know when to shut up and behave - a time and place. Kick her off by all means providing some form of discipline could be dished out, but it cant all you can do in these nanny states is say "oh no johnny that nuaghty" the kids are laughing at these parents!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Inactive
    Oh why on earth doesn't some clever bugger open up an adults only airline? I would pay a premium to get away from the little brats and their useless excuse for parents. Well done to this airline.
  • Rachel
    I completely agree with the airline's choice and hope that this becomes standard practise. No one forces people to fly with their kids and if they are gonna play up then get rid! At 30000 feet its no fun for anyone to put up with a annoying brat of a kid! I have 2 daughter and on a recent flight to thailand (16 hours) I kept them occupied with games, doing their hair and a selection of films to get them to sleep. They never once left their seat except to escort them to the toilets and they were strapped back in as soon as we sat down. I wouldnt want someone's kids annoying me and they understand that they WILL stay home with the grandparents if they play up. When did discipline become a bad thing?
  • RB
    agree that an adults only airline would be great, but some do-gooder will say its discriminating against someone or other and challenge it. This country is ruled by useless PC pricks, starting with that clown Harriot Harman
  • The S.
    Yes of course she should have been thrown off, that behaviour is totally uncalled for and never mind a refund, she should be charged and prosecuted !!
  • donttouchthehair
    Whilst the mother bought tickets for herself and the children, she should think of everyone else on the plane who paid just as many hundreds of dollars in the expectation of not having to put up with such shit. Besides, she can get another flight for the same value, so I don't see what the problem is.
  • Jet A.
    [...] Mother and children thrown off plane for bad behaviour, no refund … [...]
  • Dianne
    I recently travelled from Cardiff to Rhodes on a Thomas Cook airline. In my row was a father of two children aged about 3 and 5. The mother was in the row in front. For the whole 4 hour journey the children were allowed to jump all over the seats, somersaulting backwards and forwards between seats, scream, kick shout etc etc. Twice I got kicked in the thigh by a flying trainer. I wanted to close my eyes but was terrified of being kicked in the face. Not once did the cabin crew or the parents do anything to correct them. I arrived in Rhodes absolutely stressed out. I will never sit next to a family of kids again, my nerves wouldn't stand it!

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