More strikes at Southern

More strikes at Southern

The service on Southern has been laughable for some time now, thanks in part to a number of strikes from disgruntled staff, and of course, the company's complete inability to get things done.

And again, Southern Railway workers are going to strike again, piling on the misery for those who depend on the service.

There'll be 14 days of strike action in five blocks, and the RMT union say that the first will kick off next month.

The five sets of strikes on Southern Rail are as follows

  • 00.01 BST Tuesday 11 October to 23.59 BST Thursday 13 October
  • 00.01 BST Tuesday 18 October to 23.59 BST Thursday 20 October
  • 00.01 BST Thursday 3 November to 23.59 BST Saturday 5 November
  • 00.01 BST Tuesday 22 November to 23.59 BST Wednesday 23 November
  • 00.01 BST Tuesday 6 December to 23.59 BST Thursday 8 December

Southern cut 341 trains from their timetable on July 11th, and started to reintroduce services.

However, the company who own Southern - Govia Thameslink - and the workers fundamentally can't agree on measures which were announced, regarding guards.

RMT general secretary Mick Cash says: "Govia Thameslink and the government have made it clear that they have no interest in resolving this dispute."

"Instead they have begun the process of bulldozing through the drive towards wholesale driver only operation without agreement."

"Last week there was a train derailment near Watford that involved two trains."

"The guards on both trains played a vital role in protecting the passengers and the trains in what were extremely frightening circumstances."

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