More body scanners in airports?

airport-securityStanstead Airport is going to be introducing a new, state-of-the-art security body scanner, which is wonderful news for those who like the idea of the cast of TOWIE being ritually humiliated during airport security checks.

So will it be different from the one trialled at Manchester Airport? Well, the image that the security staff will see will resemble a shop window-esque mannequin and will have marks showing where the scanner has detected concealed items.

Of course, no images will be saved or will be retrievable at a later date (unless its a celebrity).

The ProVision scanner uses radio frequency millimetre wave technology, not X-rays or ionising radiation and it starts on Thursday at Stanstead and runs for three months. And it is mandatory for passengers.

John Farrow, Stansted Airport's head of terminal, said: "The trial of new body scanning technology is the next step on the way to further enhancing our security processes at Stansted. Providing a safe and secure airport for all our users will always be the highest priority but the introduction of this quick, effective and safe scan will also significantly improve the passenger's experience of security searching and provide maximum protection of privacy."


  • Milky
    You can we get a photo going through it a bit like on the log flume at alton towers for an extra £3.50! ....quidco cashback too! (advance booking required) .
  • Kevin
    If you don't like it then don't fly. Get on a boat to NY instead :p
  • badger
    Stanstead was chosen because of its proximity to Essex: all those piercings and fake bling were setting the other scanners off too often.
  • wear_ee
    Went through the same thing yesterday at Schiphol with amusing 'shop dummy' showing yellow blob where I'd forgotten to take my watch off. Didn't feel overly abused. No need to remove shoes either.
  • Natty
    @ Kevin Right advocate of free chioce you are maybe you should get on a (leaky) boat to NYC and join some like minded TSA folk over there. they will love you.
  • Sicknote
    Stanstead was chosen because it's a shit hole of an airport
  • The M.
    If you've got any kind of prosthetic (knee or hip replacement) these scanners save having the humiliating pat down and possible lengthy explanation. I'm all for them.

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