Money down the Tubes as Oyster card customers double-charged

Bitterwallet - Oyster cardTravelling on the London Tube feels like a frame from a Dennis the Menace strip, where Dennis is holding Softy Walter upside down by the legs to empty the dinner money from his pockets. Maybe that's a little too gentle.

Travelling on the London Tube is not unlike being mercilessly buggered until you sign away your savings to the Mayor of London. But even that analogy doesn't allow for the fact that some Oyster card holders are being double-charged for the privilege of sitting silently in an underground oven sweating their tits off.

A Freedom of Information request has shown Transport for London (TfL) has had to refund £40,000 so far this year to customers who have been over-charged by faulty station terminals. Not only that, there have been over 2,400 complaints about station machines double-charging travellers attempting to add credit.

The terminals generating the highest levels of complaints can be found at London Bridge, Victoria, Liverpool Street and King Cross. TfL is now asking all customers to check their bank account statements for errors, since they claim not to know whether a mistake have been made until reported to them, which is incredibly convenient for TfL - if £40,000 has been clawed back by hawk-eyed customers who spotted the problem, there's probably far more cash left unclaimed.


  • Nobby
    I bet a lot of people clam up when they read stuff like this. The government needs to act with a bit of mussel and stop it. Maybe by kicking Boris in the winkle. That would warm the cockles of my heart.
  • klingelton
  • klingelton
  • BINU
    I got charged three times £6 because of power failure at stations and incomplete journeys ... Motherfuckers @ tfl do not refund at stations and ask to call @ 0845 number which is like rubbing salt on injury
  • Mark
    I for one whelk-home our shellfish new overlords.
  • Jonny S.
    lol @ Nobby
  • Brian's U.
    I never trusted Oyster and this just confirms that it is a flawed system thatis run by idiots. Hong Kong has had a similar system in place for years (called Octopus) and that doesn't have the same problems as Oyster has. I believe it is another case of this country being rubbish (see World Cup for another example)
  • bo
    The 0845 number deal is a con to get money out of us after they have screwed up. I think they should ban it and re-think it. Why does TFL need such a number when a london based number would be cheaper for their end users, especially considering how regionalised TFL's users are? They need to be independently monitared and controlled as they have monopoly so we have no choice but to use them (driving and walking is just not an option in London. Further TFL can manipulate drivers with the congestion charge).
  • ann d.
    This double charging is a blatant method of TFL stealing money from people's bank accounts. It is a criminal offence probably engineered to claw in more money dishonestly. It's funny I've never heard of these faulty machines charging half! They should have the decency to go through and reimburse those who have been fleeced in this way. As if we don't have enough stresses with travelling in London, we now have to trawl back through old bank statements & try to remember how much we put on in the first place & then go through the tedious process of claiming it back on 0845 numbers! This is a disgrace! ... and I bet lots of people won't bother.
  • Johnters
    Every time my Oyster fucks up I just go to the guys at the booth and they correct it manually, no questions asked. Don't bother with some 0845 crap.
  • klingelton
    We don't have oyster cards here in Leeds -and our busses are pulled by horses, that is when we see the light of day long enough from the arduous hours down t'pit to use public transport.
  • Foxy F.
    Why do people live in London?
  • The B.
    And there's another reason to add to my list of things to say when people ask me while I still use a paper travelcard.
  • Brad
    I swear blind to my mate that I get charged all different amounts every week doing the same journey, he thinks im just going abit mad or something but finally if got some evidence to push in his gollom face.
  • Joe B.
    "the highest levels of complaints can be found at London Bridge, Victoria, Liverpool Street and King Cross" No shit Sherlock. I would never have guessed the biggest problems were going to be at the four busiest tube stations.
  • Simon
    Use to get a normal landline number for oyster/tfl
  • John
    Not a patch on the way Quidco have treated their customers recently. £5 a year, and they can't even treat people as fairly as Topcashback have done.
  • Ten B.
    [...] Money down the Tubes as Oyster card customers double-charged [...]
  • karen
    Try 0207 227 7886 for Oyster card TFL
  • Amber
    TFL can compete for the greediest and creepiest mafias successfully. They robbed me off £ 40 as getting £80 where they initially asked to pay £40. They fined my children for using each other's cards for £40 and if I don't pay within a week then I'll have to pay £80. They also gave me 1 week to appeal. I submitted appeal and asked for reassurance that this will not considerd time lapse and if I don't get the appeal in my favour I would have to pay the original penalty of £40. I received reply that my case will be on hold till the assessment of appeal. After a weekI was informed my appeal is refused and I need to pay £80 or face consequences including prosecution. This all rubbish for a child's mistake for which we both asked pardon in writing. when I wrote reply with all correspondence attached I got a mocking response of some ill mannered representative reminding me of consequences again with such humiliating manner. I have paid the money at the moment but I really don't won't to give £40 of my hard earned money to these rotten people. Can anyone direct me how to claim refund for my money?

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