Monarch say they're not in trouble

Monarch say they're not in trouble

When someone announces that they're not in trouble, chances are there's at least some trouble afoot.

Monarch Airlines are responding to the "negative speculation" that they're in financial bother, and insist that they are in fact "trading well".

The budget airline issued a statement in response to speculation, and said that the market is indeed tough, but they think they'll make £40 million in pre-tax profit by the end of its financial year in October.

Not only that, they're going to announce a "significant investment" from their stakeholders this week, as they continue to grow.

A spokesperson said: "Over the weekend, there has been negative speculation about Monarch's financial health."

"We're unsure of where these rumours originated but we can confirm they are not true."

So, you can continue to fly with Monarch, without fear of them going bust.

Of course, the state of the airline industry isn't great thanks to people not having that much money, and the various terrorist attacks that have happened in the last 12 months have hammered consumer confidence, so there could be future wobbles.

However, they assure us they're fine for the time-being, so shop away!

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