Mobile phones to be less hassle abroad

30 June 2014

mobile phone One in six people who own a mobile phone, have admitted that they get shocked when they forget how much it costs to use it.

Many mobile phoners have used their phone on holiday, but have tend to forget the extra that can be run up when a-roaming.

However, that hopefully looks like it is all over as from midnight tonight, the EU’s Roaming Regulation will lower the price caps for data downloads when you are travelling within the European Union.

Although there's a lack of knowledge about these caps and what they mean.

Which!!! executive director Richard Lloyd said: "Capping EU mobile roaming charges is welcome news for millions of travellers, especially those who have faced expensive charges for data roaming when their mobile hasn’t even left their suitcase. Consumers travelling within the EU should now be much clearer on the charges they have to pay."

Which we can all agree is quite a good thing.

The maximum charge for outgoing calls, excluding VAT, will now be 10p per minute, around 3p for outgoing text messages, and 16p for a MB download of data. These caps will only apply to the nations within the EU.

Four in ten people reckon they didn't know they had a right to challenge their mobile phone provider if they received an excessive bill after using their phone abroad. And a further 48% of people didn’t know that if they have capped their mobile phone usage with their provider, they can refuse to pay the bill for their phone usage above the cap level.

So that's good to know then, next time you've clocked up several grand by accident, you can turn around and shout at your provider.

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