Meggings - for men sickened by the thought of mantyhose

Recently, we featured the risible sight of mantyhose, tights for men. As far as we know, there hasn’t been a massive jump in sales, so we’re presuming that it’s a fashion statement too far for most of you.

So here’s something less extreme for you – meggings, the latest fashion craze for deluded young Japanese men. Basically, they’re man-leggings and a neat way to gear you up for the big leap to the full-time mantyhose lifestyle.

However, Japanese women, whether they wear leggings themselves or not, aren’t too impressed, with the majority of writing off the male meggings-wearers as complete and utter cocks, or whatever the Japanese for that is.

Next month: ‘mairnets’ – hairnets for men. Then ‘guy heels.’ Then the end of civilsation as we know it.

[Japan Probe]


  • Mof G.
    How about Manpax, for the gentleman with a runny anus?
  • Tom P.
    No more bizarre than Jocks wearing skirts.
  • No m.
    I can't wait to get me some Male Varnish!
  • Gunn
    If you have hairy legs no need for tights.
  • 2345
    standard long Johns that's it
  • Greg H.
    "standard long Johns that's it" Emperor's new clothes man, ask yourself what is the difference between long johns and tights? Long johns are cotton footless tights made acceptable for you to wear cause they changed the name. Delude yourself as you may, but take a moment to realize the true meaning of semantics. If you've ever really been doing outdoor things, you quickly realize the nylon/lycra tights sold by outdoors companies are so much better than cotton long johns. The bulk is so much less and they are fifty times warmer than cotton and deal much better with perspiration. Just the truth here. Meggings? Mantyhose? Call it what you want and ridicule away, I'm warm and comfortable without bulk and have no fear of my masculinity that requires a semantic name change to feel OK wearing an article of clothing. Greg
  • Cosmo
    Greg is right in that long johns are essentially men's tights, and that wearing tights made from modern fabrics for warmth is only a variation on a theme. There's no need to ridicule it. Try wearing anything cotton in minus 15°C for a bike ride, and you will notice how perspiration (and you still perspire well below freezing) is not wicked away but is absorbed by the fabric, only then to freeze you. This does not happen with tights, which are in any event warmer. Wearing for reasons like this is nothing new, and probably more common than you might at first think. But then you no more know who is wearing tights than you know who is wearing long johns. This is completely different from the weirdo/public wearing scenario, where men seem to be wearing something feminine to show off their legs in the same way women do. I can understand men who think that is a road we don't want to go down.
  • Ws
    Real men are big hair and macho. Real men do not care about fashion and should all be restricted to wearing only simple pants and shirts. Men who follow fashion trends are gay.
  • Short J.
    If wearing nylons is so normal for men, why the defensive attitude that betrays a guilty conscience about this?
  • man l.
    Some of the closed minded people here should be ashamed of yourself! us men don't tell you women what to wear, so what gives you the right to tell us what to wear? Leggings are very comfortable, and don't forget were originally invented during medieval times as menswear!!! Why can't us men have the same wide range of choices as women? Why are we restricted by society? So much for gender equality. I think leggings look great on a man under shorts or under a long tunic-style top so as not to show bits or bum.
  • adult d.
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