Masterchef or Mistresschef? Mao's not sure and he's cooked the evidence!


If you think that Heston Blumenthal’s experiments with electric ice cream and chips made from the caramalised-the-deep-fried souls of angels are the last word in imaginative cuisine then think again. But don’t think too hard about the following…

Mao Sugiyama, born a man but living as a self-described ‘asexual’ is a chef in Japan. He/she/it recently decided that as his/her/its penis and testicles were pretty much redundant, it might be a good idea to have them hacked off and serve them up for high-paying diners. Cannibalism? Possibly, but it seems that Japan has no laws against such a thing.

In the end, only five people stepped up to the plate that was containing Mao’s reproductive organs, each of them paying $250 to chew on them. The reviews weren’t great either – apparently the penis was rubbery; the scrotum was leathery and the testicles were hard on the outside and “glutinous” in the middle.

Your move Heston – we’re happy to sharpen the knife.



  • Tom
    Just wrong
  • Shaniaa
    wat. I enjoi eating cock but not literaly!
  • Spencer
    See... if that were Heston.... he'd freeze dry the glands... grind them into a powder, mix them into his semen... crystalise it in a 4000 degree furnace, grind the crystals into a fine powder, feed it to a spider so that it flavours the spiders silk, the then gather it's webs slowly over the course of weeks... and make a testicle spider candy floss... although he'd make it taste of amazement somehow..... this would be served with chips. But not actually chips... just more cocks... made to to look like chips. Have it served by a midget stripper on a roller coaster in north Korea... while on fire. Jeeez... get it right....
  • vibeone
    Mmmm cock, I love me some cock......
  • vibeone
    "the penis was rubbery; the scrotum was leathery and the testicles were hard on the outside and “glutinous” in the middle." That is exactly what Mike's mum said to me!
  • Dick
    Stupid batshit crazy japs cannot handle their beer can they. That's one hangover I wouldn't want to wake up from.

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