Manchester to get Oyster Card, with truly awful name

manchester London has the Oyster Card and Liverpool has the Walrus scheme... and now Manchester is getting in on the action and it has an appallingly clunky name.

The card will be called 'My Get Me There. Even if you spell it as an acronym - MGMT - you spell out the name of that dreadful schmindie band, which is worse.

In addition to this, passengers will also be able to use bank cards, bus passes and mobile phones to pay for ticketless journeys, thereby making the MGMT system seem a bit daft, which has prompted politicians to note that the whole thing is 'confusing' and that it fails to rival the zippy branding used in other cities.

That said, at least it wasn't put to vote by the people of Manchester. When the M.E.N readers were polled, some of them proffered the 'Ryder Card', named after Happy Mondays deadbeat, Shaun Ryder.

Councillor Andrew Fender, chairman of the Transport for Greater Manchester Committee, reckons this will all be great, saying that this scheme will 'revolutionise' how Mancs use public transport. He said: "But we want it to be as simple as possible for people at the point of use – hence a name that ‘says what it does on the tin’."

Will this stop scallies trying to get on Magic Buses with out of date weekly passes? Will it bloody 'eckers like.


  • Dick
    It is also the nickname of the O6-methylguanine-DNA methyltransferase gene. Fucking crazy Mancs, naming a transport card after that. PS. An oyster card tastes nothing like oysters. And I've never had sex with a card in Liverpool, but I doubt it is as good as a real walrus.
  • Inspector G.
    Can't everyone just use Oyster cards, why does each area have to set up it's own system? I'm sure Boris would share.
  • Karl B.
    The Ryder Card was an awesome idea, granted Shaun Ryder is no role model but it is a clever pun and links in to the era which put Manchester on the popular music scene
  • Simon
    These public transport cards will probably be popular in northern cities and most people are too poor to own their own car
  • Slow H.
    How long before it gets called the Might Get Me There card?
  • Chewbie
    Got on the bus wiv me daysaver
  • Chewbie
    Mof. Do you also write under the name Dean Kirby? Its just there is an article on the MEN site which this has been lifted from. Oh and flex wit da erb.
  • Me
    "Ticket thing" works.
  • Gof M.
    The Batty Rider
  • Tudor V.
    I'm not really liking the name, I'm sure the Kids will like it though. I think the the Time to Pretend that Manchester was OK without a card is over. It'll be good when the card gets launched.

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