Man does naked protest in airport over security scanners

Not everyone is happy with those airport security scanners that take a full image of your body, without clothes. And so, to a man at Portland International Airport who stripped off at security in protest.

The man was arrested for having what god gave him on-show, but a judge acquitted him of public indecency charges. Apparently, he's got a First Amendment right to protest in the nip, which is interesting news for would-be show-offs and protesters.

naked airport

It has been reported that, when he went through the nude scanner fully clothed, it was indicated that he may've had some explosives on him. To prove otherwise, he stripped off.

The Judge ruled that the man’s body was indeed indecent, however, that doesn't actually violate any laws. Like a shrieking arsehole, the Judge did suggest the protester get a personal trainer and go on a diet.


  • jim
    er isnt this like a really old story? sure i read this about a year ago k thanks bai
  • I'll y.
    Clearly you can see he's nuts! LOL
  • Chewbacca
    I wish Mum would put some clothes on. MORON.
  • chewbacca's c.
    You think mum's beard is bad - wait till you see her growler!
  • Darren T.
    Frankie Boyle has put on a lot of weight.

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