Madness or genius? Ryanair promotes video criticising Ryanair

As far as we're aware, Ryanair has never come out and openly admitted to treating passengers like dogshit. The passengers themselves accuse the airline of doing so all the time, but clearly it'd be financial suicide for Sky Marshall O'Leary to do the same. So what's all this about then?

After ramping up the month's column inches by jumping on the standing room bandwagon, Ryanair's website is running a poll to see whether passengers would pay less to stand rather than sit on flights. Below the link to the poll, there's a link that says Ryanair’s corporate song – I’m still standing:

Not sure what to expect, you click on the link and find a YouTube video made by the breakfast show at a Dublin radio station:

Now it's hardly the first parody to suggest Sky Marshall O'Leary doesn't give a damn about passengers, but why the hell is Ryanair linking to it? Doesn't that provide endorsement to what's been said? Is Ryanair laughing at it, or with it? Or are they well aware that standing room flights will never happen, and so are instead playing along with the gag and promoting a pointless poll that wastes everyone's time? We honestly don't know.


  • Xpenny
    I thought it was a joke, but it's actually true. I must say Ryanair are reta*** and O'Leary should be jailed for life! Remind me when they'll for deathwatch ...
  • MrRobin
    As a London commuter I am very used to standing room only on trains and other forms of public transport. I stand on a 40 min train journey followed by a 15 min tube journey twice a day and don't even think about getting upset by not getting a seat. Infact even when there are seats free, I often choose to stand because the seats are so unergonomic (atleast for a big guy like me anyway) So after the initial, usual reaction of rolling my eyes at another hair-brained Ryanair scheme, I think that this might not be such a bad idea afterall. The first few concerns that come into my head are: a) Safety. In a crash would I be any more susceptable to injury/death? Obviously an Air France / Mid Atlantic style crash wouldn't make a blind bit of difference but say there was a skid on the runway or an emergency landing in a field, would standing be more hazardous? I'm sure they wouldn't be even entertaining the idea if it were unsafe but I need some reassurance! b) Head room. Getting in and out of seats currently involves practising my Quasimodo impression, so where would the extra head room come from? If they get rid of the overhead lockers then where do we put our bottles of cheap Schnaps and multi packs of Toblerones?
  • merlin
    Free flights if you stand? Very fucking unlikely. You'll probably get taxed extra charges because standing on carpet makes it wear much quicker than sitting.
  • Nobby
    When Ryanair says free, what does it mean? No doubt you still need to pay taxes, booking fees, checking in fees, baggage fees, use of stairs fees, ...
  • Junkyard
    @ Nobby - don't forget the newly introduced standing fee, verticality fee, non-seated fee and floorspace usage fee.
  • Mr S.
    For Ryanair, there is no such thing as bad publicity. Anything at all that gets the airline in people's minds is free advertising, and O'Leary is doing a fine job at it.
  • The B.
    MrRobin raises the one stumbling block for the process, I can't see health and safety passing it, unless some sort of inflatable impact device was to cushion you in the event of crash.
  • rivermersey
    If you stand on, or only have one leg would it be half price?
  • Bullet
    In the event of a crash landing could all seated passengers please put your head between your legs and could all standing passengers give us a little singsong to lighten the mood.
  • Chris
    So when they say free we will have to pay all the crazy taxes + any new fees that they can come up with. I'd also guess when they say 50% off the seating rating they will double that to make it seem cheaper. DEATH TO RYANAIR
  • Ten B.
    [...] back to Ryanair again, as the airline happily plugs a video that slates them. We’re starting to love them – they’re like some kind of punk rock [...]
  • Alex -.
    Frontier Airlines in the US are going even better: "Bring your own lawn-chair and travel in the cargo hold - save $10 per ticket" *$10 dollar "self provided seat" surcharge and $20 non-cabin traveller surcharge applicable ;)
  • Bob
    If you think it matters if you are standing or sitting in the event of a crash you are a moron. I say let them give it a shot, at least they are trying new things!

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