Lowcostholidays goes bust - who to contact

Lowcostholidays goes bust

Over 137,000 holidaymakers are looking at their summer plans being wrecked, after LowCostHolidays went bust last night.

The company ceased trading, with many customers now wondering what is going to happen to their holidays.

There's a lot of uncertainty over refunds, which we're looking into.

Those in the middle of their holiday will be glad to know that their flights home are still covered, even though there could be issues with any other bits of their package, such as travel to the airport.

Some holidaymakers are finding that the cost of the hotel is no longer covered, which means they're being asked to pay again.

Of course, hotels themselves are as confused about the situation as those who booked with LowCostHolidays, but the stress is more immediately and concerning for those stranded abroad.

Irritatingly, LowCostHolidays is not covered by the industry safety-net which is run by ATOL which protects travellers should a business go under. The Civil Aviation Authority tried to block LowCostHolidays from leaving the ATOL scheme, but they were unsuccessful.

Some years ago, the CAA issued a warning about booking with LowCostHolidays, but that's little or no use to anyone who has already bought their holiday.

Who To Contact About LowCostHolidays Going Into Administration?

The Association of British Insurers say:

  • Check with your travel insurer on the extent of any cover. Check your policy and/or talk to your insurer to see what the score is.
  • If you are at your holiday destination already, contact the administrator, check advice from FCO and check your position with your travel insurer.

The regulator who LowCostHolidays worked undr is caib.es. They might be able to offer compensation.

You should also get in touch with the administrators of LowCostHolidays, who are Smith & Williamson LLP. Email them directly at the following address: lowcosttravels[email protected]smith.williamson.co.uk

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