Lorries to drive slow because they want to drive faster

A campaign has been organised by a lorry driver from Inverness because he's angry about speed limits. The campaign wants HGVs to be able to hurtle along at 50mph, rather than 40.

Massive news.

Conor McKenna is urging his fellow lorry drivers to rigidly stick to the 40mph limit on A roads, which is also known as 'obeying the law'. McKenna said that this 40mph speed limit frustrates motorists and leads to rather wild overtaking manoeuvres.

McKenna told BBC Scotland that a higher limit would allow for an improved flow of traffic. The campaign has been backed by Highland Labour MSP David Stewart who said: "I have been a road safety campaigner for many years and, of course, speed is a problem. Too fast a speed is a problem with young drivers and a real worry, but on the other side of the coin too slow is also a road safety issue."

And this massive leap for mankind could be nationwide, with the UK government starting a consultation on a proposal to raise the limit for lorries. Minister of the roads, Stephen Hammond, has said that less congestion and quicker journeys would help business.

So if you get caught behind a large, slow vehicle this week, don't swear madly at them. These people are like Che Guevara if Che Guevara read Razzle and had tanned elbows.


  • Her L.
    HGV's driving over 40mph is an accident waiting to happen - some drivers seem to struggle with 40mph as it is. Imagine how taxed their little brains will be, trying to drive at 50mph whilst using their mobile phone, eating a Yorkie and pissing into a bottle. Imagine.
  • Spencer
    all hgv's should be banned from public roads between 8am and 8pm they're a menace and are often driven by utter cnuts. not all of them mind... there are decent lorry drivers out there... just that time after time... inconsiderate reckless and often extremely dangerous.
  • Idi A.
    All Scots are only minutes away from having heart attacks anyway; they shouldn't even be allowed to drive.
  • Mustapha S.
    To be honest, if I was working in Inverness I'd want to get the fuck out of there as quick as possible too.
  • PlatinumPlatypus
    The 40mph limit is overly-restrictive. It encourages following drivers to attempt risky overtakes.
  • I n.
    If muppet HGV drivers weren't so busy surfing the net on their smartphones and texting their next meets whilst wanking and cottaging (gay cruising) they may be regarded as competent professionals but oh no too many dicks with 10 ton weapons in their hands.
  • OFI
    Eh wasn't it only a short while ago there were talks of reducing the speed limit on rural A roads to 40mph for cars? But now a want for 50mph limit for HGVs :P
  • Kelmer
    Maybe they should drive down to Bristol where the liberal left council want to impose 20mph limits on all roads.
  • Mike O.
    I cant think of anything to write here

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