Looks like the whole of England is going Oyster mad

oyster swipe Bus companies have been looking at London's Oyster system rather enviously and it looks like the whole of England wants to try it out.

Initially, we're looking at the largest urban areas in the country who will be getting a similar service, and of course, some places already have their own versions.

Greater Manchester passengers will be the first to get the new format, rolled out in 2015. Presumably, it'll be an extension of the 'Get Me There' card which already exists in Manchester, enabling people to get on the trams.

In the West Midlands, a number of public transport operators are already part of the Swift scheme.

These swipey payment cards are going to be implemented in Tyne and Wear, Merseyside, South Yorkshire and West Yorkshire too. Nottingham, Leicester and Bristol might be having them as well. Everyone wants to go cashless.

So, if you catch a bus that is owned by Arriva, Stagecoach, First, Go Ahead and National Express, chances are that, soon enough, offering actually money to a driver will be no use to anyone.

In a joint statement, the chief executives of the companies involved said the move would deliver a "wider benefit than the capital's Oyster system", adding: "Millions of people in our biggest city regions will benefit from this transformational initiative to provide London-style smart ticketing. Bus operators share the aspirations of our city regions to become growing economic powerhouses and we know high quality public transport is an important part of making that happen."

Sadly, these cards can't do a thing about crazy, ranting bus drivers.

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  • Dan
    I note that on the BBC last night they used the term "Oyster like" meaning a completely different system that won't be compatible between cities and (knowing Bristol's ability to do anything useful) unlikely to work on competing local transport services. Wonderful.

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