Look away now if you don't want to see your travelling partner on the throne

At the weekend we brought you the pic of the hotel room with a shower cubicle slap bang in the middle of it (as well as the room that was basically a bed that had been shoved into a kitchen).

But there has to be a better, more discreet way to lay out a hotel room, surely? It seems that yes, yes there is. Courtesy of @triphunter, here’s a room where, naturally you can observe your co-habitant doing their showerings but you have to look through a little porthole in order to do it.


Although, to be fair, you’ll have more of a chance of seeing them take a dump as anything else.


  • Scatman C.
    No good to me, I need a glass coffee table too.
  • Mike H.
    It means you can watch TV whilst having a wan...... dump.
  • Mary H.
    I reckon, that's 'shopped' to the maximum.
  • Bazinga
    Do you have to climb through that to get in?
  • Boris
    @Bazinga (really?) You don't have to climb through if your aim is as good as mine.
  • Red K.
    Always knew you were a wiener dog man Boris! I just stand on the bed and let the old chap dangle into the pan.
  • Boris
    I was talking about taking a dump Red Ken. I have bowels powerful enough to fire one across a reasonable sized room with great accuracy. I have heard, from some of your male friends, that your asshole is rather 'floppy' for reasons they did not want to discuss openly.
  • Mustapha S.
    Its a glory hole, innit?

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