London to Washington for £99 is now a thing

wow logo Fleeing to America has just got a lot more tempting with the launch of £99 air fare from London to Boston and Washington.

The Icelandic airline WOW air have announced the £99 fare, which includes taxes, which is being offered on a selection of one-way journeys next year.

Passengers can travel from London Gatwick to Boston Logan International Airport from 27 March next year and Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport from 4th June.

But there's a but.

The flights aren't direct, as there's a stopover at Keflavík International Airport, in Iceland’s capital Reykjavik. Although going to Iceland for an hour or two would be amazing, even if it is just sitting about in their airport.

Additionally, there is a booking fee of £8.98 and it costs a further £39 to check in a bag, so customers are realistically looking at a minimum price of £146.98.

The Boston flight will operate five times a week and the Washington DC one four times.


  • Patrick
    No sign of these fares on their website. Sounds like another Ryanair type scam where the cheap fares are never available.
  • Ian
    So effectively, £146.98 one-way, so best part of £300 return. Not a great deal. You can fly to Boston for around that price without having to fuck about in Iceland.
  • Billy H.
    Can confirm this was, briefly, a real thing - I booked a flight for a few days next April, £99 each way, £10 "administration fee", just travelling with a small carry-on bag (free under 5kg) and paid £208 return. This was, however, just a few hours after the flights went on sale and looking today the same choices would have cost me a whopping £541. I'm pretty sure that once the initial panic buy has subsided the £99 flights will re-appear again, although how long they'll last depends on how quickly they'll be snapping up - and presumably just in the Spring and Autumn months rather than the summer. Ridiculously excited to think I'll be travelling to the States for just £208!
  • The T.
    Mums gone to iceland, never came back.

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