London buses to get wifi

Bitterwallet - new Routemaster buses London's bus users are in for a treat. A TREAT! Wi-fi looks like it's coming to the capital's buses.

Transport for London are trialling free wi-fi on the buses, which is starting small with just two buses at the moment - the No.12 (Dulwich to Oxford Circus) and the RV1 (Covent Garden and Tower Hill).

If this proves popular, TfL will then start looking for a sponsor so it can roll it out to the rest of its buses.

And as if by magic, here's a quote from TfL's Simon Reed "London buses have always led the way with new technology on its network, benefiting the millions of passengers who make the most of the extensive network every day."

"Innovation is a key theme of the Year of the Bus and we have worked with our suppliers to find new and innovative ways to further improve the experience of our passengers. These trials will establish whether this technology provides genuine benefits to people on the move."

The free wi-fi trial is just one of the innovations heading to London's buses, hopefully those plans will factor in doing something about those new buses that smell of urine.

The rest of the country, meanwhile, couldn't give two hoots.


  • ssss
    Oh gosh, how innovative. Just like lots of places throughout the country have had for several years! But of course, it's London so it must be special.
  • Reser
    You mean what the rest of the country already has? Had Wifi on buses up north for over a year.
  • Malcolm
    Leading the way ? you have to be kidding, Arriva North Wales buses have had free wifi for a while now. And they don't smell of pee.
  • dvdj10
    I really don't see the point in this "Wifi" on buses and such. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't it just 3g which is then hotspotted for everyone to search making it painfully slow? Why not just use your own 3g? On the tube, yer definately, I get it. But buses and trains? Why bother? unless you can't afford data?
  • The S.
    @ dvdj10 Chances are you have a smartphone if you're attempting to use Wi-Fi. Chances are your battery lasts much longer using Wi-Fi than it does 3G. Chances are Wi-Fi is usually faster than 3G. Chances are it would probably be a hotspotted 4G connection since it's in London. No chance whatsoever of Phone shops advertising 4G speeds in my home town which isn't covered by a 4G service.
  • lochaber
    Another factually wrong, Londoncentric bit of lazy journalism. Here in Edinburgh we already have free wifi on our buses - and on the tram, but don't get me started on that subject.
  • Ray P.
    yep, had wifi in Scotland on Stagecoach buses for quite some time.

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