London buses: no longer accepting cash

Oyster cards in London - the cheap way to travel? London bus drivers won't be accepting cash fares from passengers as soon as this summer, according to Transport for London (TfL). This news comes on the back of only one third of people polled being supportive of the idea.

Soon, if you want to ride the bus, you will only be able to do so with an Oyster Card or with contactless debit or credit card payments. With other cities, like Manchester, moving toward similar systems to Oyster Cards, this could be rolling out across the country in the next couple of years.

The TfL say that only 1% of journeys are paid for with cash, so this isn't going to affect many people and that it will provide millions in savings for the transport service.

Leon Daniels, managing director for TfL's Surface Transport said: "The decision to stop accepting cash fares on London buses reflects the changing way that people pay for goods and services in our city, including journeys on the bus network."

The great news for the people of London is that they will now be able to travel in complete silence and avoid talking to anyone at all from now on, which is something they seem to glumly revel in.


  • klingelton
    Soon, you will be able to use your oyster card in order to remove the feral trolley of the week.
  • Che B.
    Oyster Card. Big Brothers Big Friend !
  • jo
    If you try and pay with cash, they never have change anyway. The drivers look at you like you're gum stuck to their shoe if you ask. If you find you oyster card doesnt have enough credit for the fare when you swipe it you are equally screwed.
  • Ash
    So what if you're a young girl trying to make your way at home at night and you haven't enough money on your Oyster?! This is a stitch up by TFL they tried to get this through the backdoor on another piece of legislation earlier last year but were found out by BBC Sunday Politics programme under Freedom of Information - then they backtracked but have now seemingly pressed ahead despite opposition.
  • claire
    virtually everyone who uses public transport has an oyster card as the cash fare of buses is almost double the oyster fare, you cant afford not to use one. if your an occasional bus user, there is contactless bank cards i have 2 bank accounts and 1 credit card and all of these have given me contactless cards now. lots of shops accept contactless bank cards as well. it speeds things up for everyone and is easier. young people under 16 have a free oyster card anyway, older people have their freedom passes so shouldnt be any difficulty there. im sure if its obvious your very young or old the driver would still let you on if theres a genuine reason you havent got your card ie just lost your bag wallet etc i really cant see what the problem is! if you havent got an oyster, go to a local shop or post office and get one! youll save money as bus rides will be much cheaper - you are gaining not losing! if you only need to use a bus occasionally then share an oyster card with your partner/family/friend whatever.
  • barry f.
    I do not use buses as I am a grown up and own a car.....fuck off trolley as well!
  • Samantha
    I really think they should at least still accept cash on the night buses, when you might not be able to go get or top up your oyster card, else people will end up stranded. Failing that maybe they should let you register your post code or something against your oyster card and allow you to always get back home even if it takes your card into debt.
  • M4RKM
    Missing from this article is the fact that if you don't have enough credit on your oyster card, you'll be able to use it once only to fall into a negative balance, and then top up before you use it again. That's the important thing a lot of people seem to forget about.
  • Alex
    That'll help tourists see our great city. No, wait the other thing.
  • jt
    "Missing from this article is the fact that if you don’t have enough credit on your oyster card, you’ll be able to use it once only to fall into a negative balance, and then top up before you use it again." Which is all very well unless your journey requires changing buses or the bus randomly terminates leaving you stranded.
  • thingonaspring
    I thought a lot of the routes had machines at the bus stops that *do* take cash anyway?
  • jiggle
    you can set your oyster to automatically recharge when it runs out of £, it really isn't too difficult.
  • Celebrity S.
    It`s just a poxy bus journey and not a flight across the World....... Why can`t they just take cash for Christs sake?? .
  • shiftynifty
    I am on the night bus now with some pisshead asking for change...fuck me and he`s got a bag of oysters...!!...said he done all his cards years ago....
  • shiftynifty
    Claire...stop being anal
  • Trolley B.
    Claire likes anal
  • Neil C.
    Last time I was in London I asked the bus driver if he could let me know when we got near my hotel, however he didn't understand me as his English was very poor. Maybe that's it - If we don't even have to speak with the driver they can recruit even more non-English speaking staff to drive the busses!
  • Tim W.
    Buses? Window lickers transport of choice. HOLLA!
  • JonB
    Bus operators in other world cities charge extra for cash journeys, so why don't they start with that? at 15% premium on cash tickets will soon get people using Oyster cards instead.
  • ngih t.
    occasional bus user, there is contactable bank cards i have 2 bank accounts and 1 credit card and all
  • Turd M.
    jonb - oyster is already discounted vs cash fare
  • Fagin
    I don't wish to use an oyster card, I have enough trouble with my bank cards screwing up, by the time I was 27 I was on my 38th card due to the fecking things simply failing, how do you ensure you don't lose stored money on these when the card go's tits-up, how is it legal to make you pay extra to use cash? London stinks of pissy park sleeping EU romanians (& this was 10 yrs before they were in the EU) they'rte untouchables (as quoted then by london underground who claimed they were powerless to stop them begging on tubes & mad old ladies gtting yu to kiss their magic gold gyspy rings ..for cash). ..ooer

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