Let's have a gander at your landing gear, pet - the 2010 Ryanair calendar has arrived! (October - December €3 extra)

Bitterwallet - Ryanair calendar 2010Credit where credit's due - at least Ryanair's strict no-munters policy when hiring new cabin crew, although flying in the face of employment law, ensures they have oodles of lovelies to choose from when it comes to the Ryanair calendar. And this year is no exception - 12 pages of lubed-up ladies stripped of their uniforms and draped over rocks like slabs of girl-shaped meat.

And it's all for a good cause - kids! Or rather, KIDS - a charity that makes the world a better place for disabled children. So even if you wanted to criticise Sky Marshall O'Leary for being a tacky porn mogul, you can't because he's raising money FOR THE CHILDREN. We expect our complimentary copy in the post shortly.


  • Pizza_D_Action
    Wowsers, they can share my complimentary nuts any time :D
  • Bodger B.
    Did you see the old guy licking his lips! Ace. They are pretty stunning though.
  • Nader
    i got last years.... it was good. Never saw any of these women whilst flying with them though :-(
  • DavtT
    Now I'd pay extra for them - How much for an in flight blow job?
  • dunfyboy
    Complimentary nuts? On Ryanair?
  • The B.
    Where's the stewardesses that I always get on airlines? Miserable middle aged cock wilters with makeup that was applied by an apprentice plasterer and perfume that was applied by the fire brigade.
  • Deejay
    The only complimentary nuts you'll get is O'Leary tea-bagging you
  • O' (.
    I didn't even have to pay the w***es more than the minimum wage they already get!
  • O' (.
    Pizza_D_Action - there are no complimentary nuts on my air line. You want nuts you're going to have to pay £3 a pack.
  • Klingelton
    if you managed to make it nuts deep in the cock wilter waitress, they'd end up green anyway.
  • ElBuc
    "We want a kind of 'ripping it off' kind of photograph" In keeping with a kind of 'ripping you off' kind of airline.
  • james d.
    I'm not trying to suggest that you need to be attractive to be an air hostess but I have never seen an attractive ryan air employee and I have flown with them over 20 times
  • Sing B.
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