Let’s all go to…Bulgaria!

Fancy a beach holiday but can’t afford an all-inclusive beano in Lanzarote? Well worry no more – it turns out that the best value foreign holiday is in Bulgaria.
sunny beach

Prices at its very literally named resort ‘Sunny Beach’ are lower than any other holiday destination in Europe. For a shopping basket of 10 essential holiday items – sun cream, beer, water, meals, insect repellent, dead eyed Eastern European prostitutes - it was just £43 for the lot - £10 cheaper than its closest competitor.

Second on the annual list, compiled by the Post Office, was Marmaris in Turkey, which came in at £54 – 14% cheaper than in 2013. And those traditional holiday destinations beloved of corpulent, hard drinking Brits, the Costa Del Sol and the Costa Blanca, came in third at £55, making them the best value in the EU.

However, if you want your Euros to slip through your fingers like so much blue Aftershock, go to party island Ibiza, where your holiday shopping basket will cost you a whopping £97, and you’ll probably find yourself on a stained hammock at 7am with some gap year twat called Tom who keeps trying to find your third eye.

So pack your swimming trunks, get your buckets and spades and head to the sunny Black Sea for the Balkan holiday of a lifetime! And as long as you don’t go anywhere near the Kozloduy nuclear power plant or anger the Ministry of the Interior, everything should be a-OK!

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