Let the good times roll aboard East Midland Trains

We've all boarded a train with a handful of inconsiderate louts aboard. Maybe it was a cup final, maybe they're just thirsty for Tennents - whatever the excuse, it can make the journey a misery for other passengers. Still, you'll have to put in a near-professional drinking effort to beat these arseholes on board the 12:52 East Midlands train from Liverpool to Norwich yesterday.

Bitterwallet - all onboard East Midland trains!

What's in store for you and your family early on a Sunday afternoon? Christian was a passenger on board and recorded this short video. He goes on to report on his blog:

They passed their time surrounding a group of girls who at first appeared to be egging them on as they talked dirty & told them what they would like to do with them. It may have been more out of nervous self defence.

The whole carriage got to hear their obscenities, watch as they stripped & danced on the tables and sit in the cloud of cigarette smoke now filling the carriage.

Complaints to the staff fell on deaf ears. The guy manning the snack trolley was too scared to pass through the carriage.

After the group had got off at Alfreton one of the girls stated that she worked in a prison for sex offenders and she dealt with people who were doing time for doing less.

I paid £72.20 for this journey.

You'll watch the video, and you'll know immediately that this isn't an isolated incident. It happens on trains most weekends, and it's not always the gents at fault; there's nothing to fill the heart with pride like a pissed-up hen night that can't handle its drink. Carriages full of families and tourists must adore every moment of the middle-aged house wife flashing her tits at passing motorists. Stay classy, UK.



  • thefunboi
    Arghh... The video cuts off just as it gets to the good bit!!
  • U J.
    @thefunboi Is the good bit that the other passengers regain English spirit by grouping together to beat this moron senseless and throw him and his knuckle dragging mates out of a moving carriage?
  • Rb_
    I use the trains to the south west of England from London an awful lot and the ones late on a friday night are always full of these kind of 'japes'. The issue tends to be that there's no quick and easy fix for some of these morons. If the police are called this tends to hold up the train by at least half an hour which just aggravates the vast majority of the paying customers further.
  • TimB
    @U Jelly Why on earth would you advocate violence? This is England. We tut a little, and then post our disdain from behind a keyboard. What kind of idiot are you?
  • Tom
    @Rb_ Perhaps a scheme similar to pubwatch that bans people from the railways?

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