Latest rail strike seems to be off...

1 June 2015

train In a scenario that is more off-and-on than Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton (nice modern pop-culture reference point for the teenagers reading Bitterwallet, there), the latest rail strikes that have been planned seem to be off.

The planned strikes by workers from the RMT union have been suspended after the latest talks over a pay deal, according to the arbitration service Acas.

The 24-hour strike by Network Rail workers was supposed to take place from 17:00 on Thursday, followed by a 48-hour walk-out next week.

Acas said four days of talks helped "formulate a set of revised proposals".

That said, this has been a huge case of to-ing and fro-ing, and we suspect that, by the time your eyes have reached this sentence in the article, the strike will have been put back on again, then suspended again, and... christ knows where we're up to.

The rail strike seems to be off though, and that's the main thing.

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