's WIGIG sale - your views and their response

We told you all about's WIGIG promotion (When It's Gone, It's Gone) on Monday. Despite achingly huge headlines that trumpeted big deals on their site and in their newsletter, we wondered whether it would lead to frustrated customers opening a can of whoopass on the company. As an example, Monday's offer promised "festival [tickets] from £20" - in fact just 20 tickets were available at that price. Plenty of people both on Bitterwallet and in the HUKD forums weren't happy; several of you emailed to vent your spleens out through your nose, feeling you'd wasted forever trying to track down offers you stood no chance of getting.

Bitterwallet reader David Urqhart waved a fist of fury by the medium of email - here's the reply from

Dear Mr. Urquhart,

Thank you for your email.

I apologise for the delay in responding and for the inconvenience caused to you.

The offer proved extremely popular and we experienced a huge number of people visiting our website to try and take advantage of the promotion. We apologise that you could not book the deal, as all the tickets were sold out very soon.

I suggest you to keep checking our website, as we are coming up with great offers daily and you should surely be able to book the deal next time.

If you require any further information, please feel free to contact me.

Kind regards,

Shivani Dalal
Customer Services Team

Whaaaa? "You should surely be able to book the deal next time...." - that sounds indecently patronising, doesn't it? Fair play to though, for coming through and commenting on the post directly:

We introduced our WIGIG offers in October this year and as you’ve pointed out they have been really popular.

Again, as you’ve point out, we are completely transparent with the level of availability of our headline offers. These offers are also supported by second- and third-tier offers.

The headline offers are incredibly popular but don’t sell out in minutes. For example yesterday’s spa WIGIG still had availability in the last 30 minutes of the promotion.

The 10 million newsletter subscriber figure you mentioned referred to the whole lastminute group; the WIGIG promotion is sent only to UK subscribers which is less than half of that number. I know that’s still a big number but wanted to make that clear.

Appreciate your feedback. We do listen, and we’ll chip in wherever we can.

Phew, so there's not 10 million potential customers after these daily offers, but "less than half of that number". That's still a lot, right? Regardless, it seems your protests may have been heard by the team. Today for example, instead of the headlines offering very limited numbers of loss-leading offers, all mention of price has been removed:

Compare that to how the offers were presented on Monday; not quite as super-duper eye-wateringly exciting, but altogether more realistic in terms of managing expection, don't you think?


  • andy y.
    If anyone wants a "Crack Christmas" for £10 can I suggest Middlesbrough
  • sheila j.
    I booked 2 nights in the Thistle City Barbican for my daughters last month for £10 per night through here, I think its brilliant. o I hope they keep this up they are good deals and obviously not everyone will be lucy enough to get them butI felt you should also hear from the 'lucky ones' who did manage to get the offer.
  • Mike H.
    Oh bother, I've got to have my posts approved now becasue I swear too much, poo!
  • Andy D.
    You're funny but sometimes you've got a potty mouth/keyboard. : )
  • Derek M.
    Just to add my thanks to for - i booked a few nights in January to have a break to recover from a very bad 2007/08 with their £10 per night offer and this opportunity to have a fresh start in 2009 is very very much appreciated.

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