creates a "deal-radar" app for G1 handset - purveyors of travel offers and the excellent secret hotel deals - have developed a new application for the G1 mobile phone. NRU uses a visual interface to locate deals near you (near you - NRU - do you see? Do you?) by combining the G1's GPS and compass.

It's a very neat way to find your way around an unknown locale, but don't pay too much attention to the video; you don't have to be an off-duty bin man to enjoy using it.



  • Amanda H.
    Its ok, I suppose. But It didn't show Richard being mugged 2 mins later trying to find a KFC whilst holding his £300 phone in the air. It should really have an on screen chav warning, so you can put it back in your pocket safely.
  • Schitstick
    Come on, everybody knows Chavs dont really exist, its just an English myth that was made up for tourists, just like Leprachauns and Chinese people.
  • Richy R.
    Leprachauns don't exist? Rubbish! Next you'll be telling me that there's no God and we all came from monkeys.
  • Darren W.
    not being funny but a single old man who looked a bit creepy with that ill fitting hat waiving an object with pink circles on it wanting to go see Billy Elliott and then off to Bumbles for bite to eat... all by himself?? Creepy, why cant you just look round the area, spot a restaurant and then go look at the menu?? is it really hard?
  • L-S
    Anyone else think this is missing an "Aliens" motion tracker chirp?

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