KLM refusing to compensate stranded ash cloud passengers

14 August 2010

ash cloud volcano

The wretched ash cloud may be long gone but the hangover from its brief, brutal reign over us all continues.

Ryanair have already been in the news after they failed to follow EU rules and provide hotel and meal costs for stranded passengers and now Dutch airline KLM are in a similar position.

EU rules say that in the event of a flight cancellation, the airline must pay out reasonable expenses for accommodation and meals for their stranded passengers. The rules were designed with short-term travel disruptions in mind but the arrival of the evil ash cloud changed everything.

The BBC report that KLM currently face legal action from the EU after stating that they will only reimburse passengers for 24 hours of the period they were stranded during the ash cloud saga back in April.

An EU spokesdude growled: “EU passenger rights are there to protect consumers. And they are there to act as a safety net for passengers - even in very difficult circumstances like this. So there is no grey area for us in this regard and those EU rights must be respected.”

Initially, Ryanair refused to pay the full expenses of their stranded passengers but the Sky Marshall and his droogs eventually relented. Still, there’s no such thing as bad publicity is there?


  • David
    This is very unfair on the consumers and the airlines. When are they going to force Iceland to take responsibility for their pollution? The Icelandic government clearly have a duty here and it's staggering they have been allowed to get away with it.
  • dearieme
    perhaps david can explain what the Icelandic government could have done to stop the "pollution"? its a volcano ffs!
  • TuTTut
    Iceland should have sacrificed someone ala Joe and the Volcano . . .
  • KLM s.
    Hey peoples, Chill out, here, com, shit down and take a pull on dish, it will makesh you feel relacshed, yah? Now whatsh all dish fush about compenshayshun? See, we give you a liddle baggy and you feels better yah? Okay, now go home and chill out. Danksh, KLM.
  • warwick h.
    And the lesson here is don't fly KLM.
  • David
    @dearieme no offence but this is typical of a society where nobody takes responsibility. They own and manage the volcano so it's up to them to pay for the pollution it spews out.
  • zeddy
    Iceland went shit when they started using Kerry-thick-as-shit to advertise their crap foods. I agree, it IS all their fault.
  • kev
    this is another story blown out of proportion the reason the airlines don't want to fully emburse people is becuase they were staying 4* hotels and eating in super-fancy restaurants, and expecting the airlines to foot the bill. michael o leary was right that the cost of the flight should have some bearing on the level of compensation, it's rediculous to have to pay hundreds of pounds of compensation to someone when they only paid twenty or thirty quid for their flight
  • stefcha
    KLM flights tend to cost a bloody fortune as opposed to twenty or thirty quid, however.
  • Fred
    Hey Kev Sorry but you are wrong, most of the passengers who were stranded didnt know about the law until they got home, so didnt do what you said. They stayed in cheaper hotels than they had been on holiday and all we want is a level playing field. Why should the dutch and germans get away without following the EU law when british and irish have and even ryanair who did pay out were fined by the italians because they were slow at paying. Come on support the passengers KLM took 10 days to get us home, thats 10 days that were not the fault of the airlines but the fact that KLM decided to not fly their own planes and put everyone on delta :(

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