KLM publish customers tweets and open the fail floodgates

16 November 2010

klm-surprise-490x499 We love it when the big companies attempt to engage with their customer by using the modern hip and groovy social media that the kids are all digging these days. We love it even more when they completely bollocks it all up.

That’s what has happened to poor old Dutch airline KLM (waits for waves of sympathy but feels none). They recently opened up their website to Twitter users, showing a continual feed of all tweets that included the #klmsurprise hashtag.

Guess what – most of what they got was abuse. Including...

‘I do love your ability to bring tourists and marijuana closer together #klmsurprise #hashtaggeddit’

‘Service so crap you feel like an inmate and not a passenger #klmsurprise’

‘Seating so cramped you get off your flight without your feet #klmsurprise’

‘The best #klmsurprise is the discovery that train travel is actually the sanest way to get around Europe.’

...and, from b3ta’s Rob Manuel...


All good fun, and not surprisingly, the Twitter feed was pulled fairly shortly after it was introduced. KLM have probably learned that the internet is still akin to the Wild West and that letting your customers say exactly what they want won’t make for entertainment or insight. Over to you lot (points to comments box).

[Malcolm Coles]

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