KLM plan some kind of virtual seat dating nonsense

obese-flight-passenger-pic-kieran-daly-94182647.jpg There’s nothing worse than being stuck next to a complete tosspot on a flight, but if KLM’s new big idea ‘gets off the ground’, you’ll be able to find out exactly what kind of tosspot you’ll be sitting next to.

The popular airline are launching a scheme called ‘meat and seat’ which will give fliers access to their fellow travellers Facebook and Linkedin profiles, as long as said travellers have consented to have their details published.

The full details are still under wraps and KLM won’t be launching it until 2012, but it’s probably well worth compiling yourself a fake profile that makes you look like one of the most heinous individuals alive – it’ll guarantee you plenty of elbow space when no one opts to sit next to you.


  • DragonCHris
    "Meat and seat"? Really? Is that a typo or are they actually that dim? Or is it a sex pun? Or both?
  • Jeebus
    Are they sure about this, I mean turning up and finding out you're sitting next to a twat is bad enough but knowing in advance? Cue loads of cancellations, seat change requests and no shows.
  • br04dyz
    last time I fly KLM, I would have happily sat next to/on any of the stewardesses :-)
  • Pete O.
    Gives the pedos a good chance to check they get sat next to some youngsters.
  • maxtweenie
    Not a typo, just some arse couldn't be bothered to read the web page they shamelessly nicked it from.
  • Tim
    Cool, so you can stalk the person afterwards too. Can anyone check who's booked on the flight in advance this way? Great resource for burglars.
  • A w.
    Thanks for the tip Tim; in this economic climate I need all the help I can get. If I don't start to hit the good times soon I'll end up on DeathWatch. Anyway, watch out for my post Christmas sales. As well as the second hand goods you normally associate with me I'll have a stockpile new items still in their box. Cheers!

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