giving away free flights this afternoon

Has Twitter changed your life yet? No? Well, it's fast becoming the place to be for savvy consumers. Not only are some companies using it to provide direct access to customer services, but it's beginning to throw up some exclusive, and not to mention very decent deals. United Airlines recently promoted cut-price air fares on Twitter, and this lunchtime is your chance to get in on some tasty travel twittering: are flogging free flights via Twitter in about 20 minutes time. The good news for you is that they currently have just 530 followers, a piddling following in Twitter terms. We don't know how they're going to go about the giveaway, but if you're interested you'd best register and synchronise watches.


  • Lee
    Nothing on the site yet?
  • Emma
    They're simply asking a question, and the first tweet reply to get it right wins :)
  • Lee
    Argh. Twitter is blocked at work.
  • Emma
    @Lee - if you can install an application such as tweetdeck you might be able to try.
  • Emma
    The first two questions had about an hour in between. You must reply with a tweet and hashtag to @Jet2com #winfreeflightsfromjet2 They ask questions about the city they are flying to, so google a few factoids beforehand
  • acecatcher3
    i dont really understand how twitter works, i only ever joined as mods from hukd had their pics on there lol im such a perv. :S it just seems like facebook but without loads of stuff, just basically a wall to write on.
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  • Emma
    I was so close to winning the Barcelona flight earlier, but was about 3 seconds too late! I'm trying for the Alicante one now.
  • Rob
    Cheers for the heads up on this one, Just won myself a flight to Alicante. Hopefully its not a big scam where I end up paying for luggage and check in and taxes and just breathing in the airport etc
  • Paul S.
    Brilliant news Rob! Well done mate. Commiserations Emma :(
  • Emma
    Well done Rob!!!
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  • Emma
    New tweet on this - Today at 3pm BST - win a return flight to BUDAPEST from #freeflightsfromJet2
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