boss revealed as consumer champion vigilante

Bitterwallet -'s Phillip MeesonWe're rarely likely to hand out praise to budget airlines, preferring to give them a sound kick in the crotchal region on behalf of consumers everywhere. But don a hat and doff it in the general direction of chief executive Philip Meeson for standing up against lazy, apathetic customer service representatives - his own, in fact.

It seems Phil likes to stop by his check-in desks unannounced to make sure people have no reason to complain about his company. He's not afraid to catch them out early, either - last Saturday morning, Meeson turned up at Manchester airport at 6.30 and found plenty of passengers waiting to check in and staff doing a whole lot of nothing about it:

“There was a great long queue, which is not what we want, and staff were sitting there doing nothing. I just wanted everyone to get going and to check in, and to get the fantastic customer service that we want them to get.

"[The passengers] were very pleased that I had come in and got the check-in going. I did apologise to them afterwards. They couldn’t understand why they weren’t being checked in.”

With passengers apparently applauding the chief exec for getting hands on, Big Phil got stuck into his staff with such ferocity that shortly afterwards the Police were called in intervene. In fact's own press office haven't bothered to try and tart up the incident:

"He is very involved in the business at all levels and never more so than when he feels customer service is not up to scratch. On Saturday he felt was not delivering the excellent customer service that the airline strives to achieve and that customers were not being treated as well as they might.

“He admits he was angry, but is passionate about good levels of customer service right the way through the experience, although he apologises if any offense was caused on the day.”

Brilliant. A budget airline boss who cares enough to set his alarm clock early at the weekend and make an example of his own staff in public when they don't do their own jobs. That's the sort of bad publicity that's very, very good news.

[Manchester Evening News]


  • dados
    class,pity the Sky Marshall couldn't do the same,mebbe peeps will flock to Jet2 rather then led like cattle to Ryanair
  • Inactive
    Just another publicity stunt.
  • steve l.
    perhaps he can get torn in about his web team next then. did online check in with jet2 last week. all three seats came up together and i had to type in passport details etc. selected the seat for my two year old then suddenly my wife and i were only able to select seats in the row in front even though there were still five seats in the row with my two year old. tried to sort it out over the phone with no luck so ended up paying another £16.97 to book seats next to my two year old. blatant rip off which, to be honest, i would have expected from the sky captain!
  • Brian
    Hi, Brian here. This looks like another fake photoshop job to me.
  • Passengers B.
    [...] stand up for his customers, but he’s a pussy when it comes to having a proper man-fight. He recently chastised his staff for piss-poor customer service at Manchester Airport – in front of the passengers – but there were no fists of fury [...]

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