Japan's problems compounded by the Meat Monster

The people of Japan are still dealing with the recent catastrophe handed to them by Mother Earth, and the way the world has responded with help has been heart-warming.

Speaking of hearts, the blood-pumping tickerboxes of the Japanese could soon be in further jeopardy thanks to the ‘charitable’ efforts of Burger King. They’ve just launched this, the ‘Meat Monster’ – and while it isn’t as deadly as an earthquake or a tsunami, it isn’t far off.


Look at the state of it – a cheeseburger, some bacon, another hamburger patty and a chicken breast all cobbled together in one phenomenal piece of gut-busting fast food product.

No nutritional information was released by Burger King but The Consumerist have worked out that its USA equivalent would be packing 1160 calories, 24g of saturated fat, 240mg of cholesterol, 13g of sugar, 54g carbs, 69g of fat, 1.5g of trans fat, and 2290mg sodium. It’s the kind of thing that would even give Godzilla mild stomach cramps.


  • brian
    maybe it should be re-christened the animal burger
  • Brad
    its......Beautiful........ :D

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