Japanese pioneer disgusting, intriguing man-gadget...

Women, start the car, we don’t need you any more. That’s because Japanese science has finally caught up with men’s needs and delivered this... the A10 Cyclone Robotic Mastubator!


It connects to the R-1 Sex Toy Controller (you must have heard of THAT) and allows you to get your wing-wang massaged in all kinds of different and lovely ways. Allow the promotional video to explain...

See – you can even use it in your trunks while you’re outdoors sunbathing. Nothing wrong with that – apparently. Sadly, it’s been brought to our attention just slightly too late to be included in our birthday gadget giveaway, but maybe next time...

[Thanks to Leigh from HotUKDeals, who reckons she saw it on Popbitch. Whatever...]


  • Charlie
    it looks painful lol
  • Charlie
    Is it dishwasher safe? lol
  • hippy1001
    not only does it jerk you off, but you get to build it too! Proper mans tool for his tool huh
  • gdaffi d.
    mmm sort of want lol
  • maxtweenie
    Wonder what would happen if you forgot the lubricant? Would it twist your knob into a shape resembling Wayne Rooney's head?
  • Spark
    They actually have different varieties of these. I saw a guy in a shop in Akihabara 'perusing' over them.
  • gdaffi d.
    @ spark a guy = you perusing = buying
  • LB
    I just like how much it resembles a mini-blender http://www.wahlstore.co.uk/wahl-james-martin-mini-titanium-blender-grinder.ir?cName=james-martin Oucho
  • gdaffi d.
    @LB Includes interchangeable chopper and grinder blades with two cups and rubber lids. interchangeable chopper no need to put your own in
  • PaulH
    @gdaffi duck Under your rules the new statement would be: "I saw YOU in a shop in Akihabara ‘BUYING’ over them."
  • zeddy
    No Lube; your cock would end up like one of those twisted mallow things (flumps) http://whi.s3.leg.thumbs.lg1x8.simplecdn.net/20090421021308.jpg You could always tell your other half it was a sweet and to tuck in.
  • gdaffi d.
    @paulH under my rules you would be executed for insolence ;) you got the jizzed of it though usually when someone says my friends did this its usually never the friend at all
  • Wibble
    What's wrong with this? If women can buy large plastic cocks, then why can't we buy these - they don't whinge all day or spend all of your money.
  • Shadow
  • Matt
    Needs more foxes
  • issac h.
    Soooo, that why Japanese have slanty eyes.
  • Nooby
    Fucking batshit japs.
  • Touchwood
    Does it have a rinse cycle too?
  • Paul C.
    I'll wait for the official version from Zanussi.
  • Uncle C.
    Like Barry Scott, I use the A10 Cyclone with Cillit Bang and smegma build-up is gone in a flash! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QngA7vkK9l0

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