Japanese cross the condiment streams, awesomesauce ensues

25 October 2010

We've all been there, eh readers? Preparing a sausage of miscellaneous meat in a bun, the thought crosses your mind: "Why isn't there a way to apply two condiments to my hot dog at the same time?"

According to Mof, it's a scientific fact that over the course of our lifetime, we'll spend nearly three years adding mustard after we've added the ketchup. If there was some way to combine that effort, then those precious years could be spent curing bad AIDs, conkers-deep in the neighbour's wife, or some other invaluable activity.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls - prepare to witness the future:

Tell us in the comments how this will change your life forever.



  • Marco
    I like a BIG sausage in the morning.
  • Paul C.
    Not that good for me I'm afraid. I prefer my hot dog smothered in sauce like a tampon on day 28, and the sachet as flattened as a gymnast's chesticles. Excellent concept though.
  • Fred
    I had this exact idea a few days ago, if tootpaste can come out 2 or 3 different colours at a time why can't condiments. just imagine a spiral of ketchup mustard and relish all living together in harmony the way god intended.
  • akiss
    ...cause mustard is rank
  • Nobby
    Sauce should have been brown.
  • o'dreary
    bad AIDs?......compared to good AIDS?
  • bob
    o'dreary, never seen Brass Eye I guess?
  • zeddy
    @Fred: Aldi did a version of this called "Taste of America" 2 in 1 tomato ketchup and mustard.

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