Japan: where vending machines are an art form

It’s STILL Japan Day here at Bitterwallet, and since Vince’s previous post went up, we’ve decided it’s also Vending Machine Day.

With that in mind, we’ve hunted down a site that features an exhaustive look at the weird and wonderful world of Japanese vending machines.

Did you know that Japan has one vending machine for every 23 people? True dat, or at least according to the Vending Machine Manufacturers Association, and those guys have never lied to us before.

There’s more over at toxel.com but here’s our five favourites…

EGG VENDING MACHINE:  Handy if there’s a BNP politician in the vicinity. Eggstremely handy indeed (did you see what we did there?)

COCA COLA ROBOT VENDING MACHINE: Just because anything is automatically better if it’s done by a robot.

FLOWERS VENDING MACHINE: Now you don’t have to make detour to the nearest garage if you’ve forgotten the wife’s birthday.

NG MACHINE: No excuses not to get your five a day when you could easily grab some raw broccoli.

LIVE LOBSTER VENDING MACHINE (right): Because you never know when you’ll need one…


  • Tom P.
    I like the beer vending machine, and so would the yobs living down the road from me.
  • Will
    I went round Japan last summer and the big cities streets are indeed filled with vending machines for absolutely everything. The thing that seems odd though is that none are damaged or have graffiti and most are fully stocked with beer, fags and sake. They wouldn't last one night in the average UK town.
  • Will
    Oh, and a little bit iffy but they have machines supposedly selling used schoolgirls panties. There's a weird underlying accepted paedo thing going on over there.
  • The B.
    Will, that's because if you step out of line in Japan the police tend to give you a very hard slap around the head, they all have to train in aikido, it's the old method of keeping a populace under control, fear, it works bloody well too.
  • jamie
    Just came back from Japan, it's amazing that the vending machines havent been kicked in or drawn on, but then again its not suprising when you notice that people over there are ridiculously helpful and polite, it really is like stepping into the future. Plus you won't get stabbed or threatened with a gun if you bump into someone unlike sunny old blighty
  • kieren
    Oddly, I bumped into someone on the tube yesterday and I didn't get beaten to a bloody pulp. Maybe, Jamie, you're just ugly and you deserve it?
  • http://www.hotukdeals.com/forums/showthread.php?t=425083
    When are they coming over here?
  • Ten B.
    [...] with the Japanese, here’s some of their greatest vending machines. Live lobster anyone? (pic [...]

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