It’s like the future never happened. Because it didn’t.

What’s freakier than Japan in 2009? It’s Japan in 1970, as this snippet from that year’s Japanese Expo show demonstrates. In the pipeline for filthy consumers with no spare time was a gigantic automated bath that aimed to provide the whole human cleaning experience in just 15 minutes.

It’s from Sanyo and is called the Ultrasonic Bath. We’re not sure why it’s so high that you can only get into it via a ladder, or why the demonstration model is wearing a bikini while she has her bath but there you go. The future was more terrifying back then and that’s exactly as it should be.

The video clip is followed up by a glimpse of some kind of dining/kitchen contraption that cooks and serves the grub before washing up the dishes afterwards. Modern life truly is rubbish isn’t it kids?

(BTW, for our money, the best thing Sanyo EVER did was blatant horse sponsorship back when show jumping was BIG in the early 1980s. “And it’s Harvey Smith on Sanyo Music Centre…” Aahhh…)


  • Cam
    Of course, the bikini wearing is to prevent the advert from being a porn movie.
  • Andre
    And how much water does this thing use? looks like at least 2 pay for the extra water too...
  • Sixteen B.
    [...] like the future never happened. Because it [...]

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