It's all the same once you get north of Watford...

20 April 2012

Over on the internationally-recognised Twitter service, avid user Jamie O'Neill emotes thus:

"Lowcostholidays kept telling me Newcastle airport was in Scotland so I emailed them to let them know. They disagreed."

Et voila!


Your guess is as good as ours to be honest...


  • Alexis
    If they'd not said it was a city, they'd actually be right! Newcastle Glenrothes, Fife KY6
  • l.
    [...] email pointing out that Newcastle isn’t, in fact, in Scotland. As featured on Bitterwallet. Diary Style NotesHumourNewcastle-upon-TyneRetail Previous Comment Share var a2a_config = [...]
  • vibeone
    Looks just like a penis.
  • Pedo P.
    lool what an idiot he means Newcastle in Stoke!
  • Natty
    @Alexis If they had said it was in South Africa they would be completly correct including the airport. Maybe he should have given its correct title as Necastle International airport. Please add and expletives etc as per BW standards
  • vibeone
    @Natty - with pleasure: cock piss partridge MASSIVE HAIRY BALLS arse.
  • Barry B.
    Fucking northern monkeys.
  • Sicknote
    Can anyone else smell burning...?
  • Barry B.
    Did you get those guns?
  • An O.
    Scotland, South Africa....not in Downtown Fucking Abbey though is it?

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